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  1. As some of you guys may know, I am bringing my 91/30 back to the shop for a refund because the barrel was shot out of it. I want to get a new one soon but I am not to sure what I should look for. Is there a difference between a 91/30 made at Tula vs. one made at the Izhevsk factory? would a Finnish model be better and more accurate than a Russian model? I am going to use it for long range target shooting with Iron sights but if I can find a sniper version with a scope for less than $200, I would take that if i could find it. "Yea right!"
    Would a recounterbored and refinished model be as accurate as a good non-recounterbored? Thanks for the info, I would rather not have to take this next one back:sad2:
  2. The chances of getting two shot-out rifles is slim. Yes, the Finns are better in most cases, but you also pay 2x to 3x the price. My M39 is one of the few milsurp rifles that I can shoot accurately with iron sights, but that's just me.

    Arsenal counter bored rifles are generally pretty good shooters (at least mine have been). Counter bore should be about 1".

    Good luck on the next one. Should be fine.

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    The Finnish M-Ns have the reputation as being the most accurate, but the lowest price I've seen with my own two eyes for a Finnish Mosin-Nagant was for a non-counterbored VKT; and that was $259. The Sako "B" barrelled Finns are allegedly the ultimate in Mosin accuracy, but they can go as high as $350.

    Among the Russian/Soviet Mosins, Tulas have the reputation for producing superior accuracy as opposed to the Izzys. I can't testify to that from my own experience; I haven't put enough rounds through my newly acquired Tula 91/30 to be able to state that with certainty. However, if you are prepared to spend $110 plus S&H (and transfer fee if applicable; I don't know if you have a C&R license), Century International Arms has hex receiver 91/30s in Excellent condition. The item number is RI660H-X.

    This is Century's definition of a rifle rated Excellent. "80 - 90% blue remaining; very little if any marring of the wood. Bores clean without pitting. Complete and in working condition." A joke from another forum goes, "If you own an AK-47 and it breaks, you can repair it with some choice swear words and a good swift kick. If you own an AR-15 and it breaks, you repair it by taking it to a certified gunsmith; it's still under warranty. And if you own a Mosin-Nagant and it breaks, you don't repair it; you just buy another one!" That's where you are right now, cremley.

    If I were you, I'd get your money back from the store and order a new one from Century, or Classic Arms, or Southern Ohio Gun, or J&G. Yes, I know you won't get to handle it before you buy it, but you can determine the return policy of any of these companies with a phone call. With Classic, I think their 91/30s are around $90 just now, and you can pay an extra $10 for a handpick fee. Southern Ohio Gun is about the same, and same handpick fee; and for an additional $40 you can specify a Tula rifle, if you are hung up on Tulas. (Note: that's the base price for their M-Ns and does not include S&H.) J&G in Prescott, AZ is close to that, too. Just look them up on the internet, get their phone numbers, and call them. They'll tell you how to get the best in the house from them. And I've never heard anyone in the Mosin-Nagant forum here complain about any of them.

    Let us know how you make out.
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    Sound advice. Good luck on your next buy !!
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    J&G still has 91x30's for 69.95
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    That's a good deal !!
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    Buy 5 of them Steve!!! Clean them up keep the best shooter and put the others on gun broker for twice what you paid for it plus very high shipping cost....and wonder why they don't sell. :09:
  8. 91/30

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    Anybody think that these higher gas prices will eventually knock down the cost of milsurp rifles? As the gas prices start limiting "disposable income," won't that put the squeeze on some of these importers? Buy motor scooters and save your money -- the prices of the 1970's aren't that far away!
  10. The new 5 dollar bill

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    If it were me, I'd look for a really clean bored M91/30.
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