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    While surfing the internet I ran across a website called Smokewagon that sells 10 rounds (Berdan primed) for $2.50 and 20 (Boxer primed) for $5.00. Have any of you ever dealt with this website?:feedback:

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  2. Nope. But at that price it might be worth trying it out. Interesting that the Boxer primed brass is 20 rounds in a plastic bag.

    $5 for reloadable brass is about half the price of boxed Prvi Partizan.

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    Keep in mind that most of these guys think in terms of squad supply quantities for their personal use.

    Hell, I just got 250 rounds in a tin because I didn't want to open a 440 round sardine can. And it made sense to me!:stupid:
  4. Also, watch to make sure they aren't reloads. As one member put it, not thrilled about shooting/using someone else's reloads. Not the exact words, but the point none the less... And from the description of in plastic bags Geo gives, I'm sure they are reloads...

    And I'd have to say it is because, and correct me if I'm wrong, but surplus Bulgarian ammo in 7.62X54R the the Mosins love, are normally corrosive correct? Because the plastic bag of 20 for $5 bucks state non-corrosive. Which would mean, reloads? Well it also says "modern production" also?

    surplus misc 7.62x54r 20rd bag
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    At your own risk!
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    another fact is the $5/20 is actually a third of what the prvi partisan is....if they arent reloads, then jump on that....and if they are, are they reloadable again? or are the casings too stretched? or what?
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    Funny thing is they won't sell over 20 rounds for the 7.62x39 at 4.99? I can get wolf for that price at my local pawn shop. And I don't have to pay for shipping B)

    Caveat Emptor, my friends, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
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    I gave them a shot for 4 bags of the reloadable stuff. The cheapest new boxer cases I can find is 40 bucks for a hundred. If I bought 8 bags, that's forty bucks and 160 rounds. So basically I would have loaded rounds + sixty extra for the price of shipping....No wait, I would have to pay shipping on the new cases anyway, so It sounds like a good deal, period!

    I sent the guys there an email asking them if they wanted a copy of my Illinois FOID card as it is illegal to ship ammo here without having a copy of one. Got a call almost instantly from them. Said he ships it to Illinois all the time and never bothered. Anyways I ended up faxing him a copy, and he gave me a 10 buck off coupon number for my next order. Sweet.
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    let us know how good it is after you shoot some of it.
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    I would be interested to hear as well.
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    Will do. Also just got in a load of Bulgarian. The key on the spam can actually worked! Stuff looks good, can't wait to try. Maybe Monday if it is nice outside.
  12. If it's heavy ball... works great... bruises shoulder... the 3 foot muzzle blast and echo off the hills is worth the price of admission.:)
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    I was just looking at the bruise on my shoulder from the Czech stuff I was shooting last Monday!
  15. Yeah. Czech silver tip is the same way. Both have the max load of powder, a heavy bullet, and are crimped. Kicks like a mule... but fun! I'm good for about 50-75 rounds before it starts to dislocate my shoulder.:09:
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    Just got them in today. They are way too tarnished to be reloads. At least if I was selling them I would make them nice and shiny. Of course, unless I feel like pulling one, I have no way to make sure they ARE Boxer primed.

    They have a headstamp I have never seen before, too. I'll have to try to look them up later, as supper is almost done, now.

    Headstamp is JMS 02. Seems to be a mystery round. Found this:
    7.62x54R Ball ammunition, reportedly US DoD contract for the new Iraqi/Afghani forces, copper jacketed, lead core projectile, brass case, brass percussion primer, red primer sealant, ring primer crimp. Packaging & cartridge construction similar to IK production, but possibly Privi Partisan production. Headstamp JMS 02

    And this:

    "JMS" marked brass-cased copper jacketed lead core heavy ball (NON-magnetic and NON-corrosive, boxer primed), 15 round boxes, JMS/02 headstamp. I've heard mixed reports about where this came from. Some people have said it's remarked Igman, some say it's Winchester-contract Serbian, etc. All I know is it's boxer primed, shoots well enough that I can put two-three rounds out of five in a poker card at 100 yards, I don't have to worry about setting fires, and I don't have to clean up immediately afterwards because of corrosion concerns. This is the stuff that CDNN had listed as "180gr FMJ". Out of the 380 rounds I've fired, exactly two when click-boom (slight delay after primer impact), but otherwise it's been peachy. It came in "7.62x54R" marked ammo cans. 420 rounds each in two cans, plus three 15 round boxes, for a total of 885 rounds, $220 FTF.

    So it is Boxer primed and non corrosive.
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    OK, made it to the range with this stuff. Every time I pulled trigger it went bang. Seemed to hit same POI as the Czech silvertip I was firing. Took the empties home, so far dirty I don't see any splits or cracks. We'll see what they look like after a tumbling.
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  19. gandog56

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    After tumbling and resizing every one still looks good. Think I'm going to get me some more.
  20. gandog56

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    And not 1 hour after I ordered sixty more rounds, they sent me a coupon code for 10% off my next order.