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New Ammo

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jarcp, Mar 23, 2002.

  1. jarcp

    jarcp G&G Newbie

    I'm thinking of adding some hollow point 7.62x25 ammo to my stock, Just curious to know if anyone would be intrested in buying some?
  2. I wasn't aware hollow points are being made. Sounds like they would be a super, super ammo. Who is making them? I do know Winchester was thinking of making their line of 7.62.

    Can you imagine? A 7.62 hollow point slaming into an object at close to 2500 fps? You would need the hollow point for stopping power. As the round nose is now around 3000 fps you could shoot someone at close range five times before they, and their body, realized they had been hit. That's why I always professed the use of 7.62 at longer range, say around 75 yards. Most close combat situations occur within the 7-20 yard range and 7.62, as is now, is just too hot for that close a range. Hollow points would certainly help the stopping power at closer ranges though.

  3. jarcp

    jarcp G&G Newbie

    Umm? 2500fps out of the 7.62x25 round? I don't think so, 1800? yes, more then that in handload for the CZ-52, okay. But above 2000FPS, I'd don't buy it.
  4. Mico

    Mico G&G Newbie

    Yes, I would be interested, depending on price. Just put in an order for a CZ 52. My email is:

  5. Doglips

    Doglips G&G Newbie

    I would buy far all I found is some OLD mag safe stuf. I like my CZ-52 and HP would make it a viable self defense pistol....the 300fps...maybe out of a carbine Ive seen a copy of a Russian Auto carbine for sale..simi auto... maybe the extra barrel leanght would get it close to that...still sounds darn fast....course I do not own a crograph so I realy cant argue from a stand point of knowledge...
    If you are getting that type of volicity let me know what type of ammo...I dumb enough to try it :)