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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BSchroeder, Mar 24, 2002.

  1. BSchroeder

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    I'm looking to purchase a new AR 15, and am just gettin into investigating my options. I want a no-frills, high quality AR 15 at a reasonable price. Who builds an AR like this, and what can I expect to pay?


  2. AR-tim

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    You probably can get a new Bushmaster for $800-900 and a new Colt for $900-$1000.-Prices are estimated, I am no gun dealer. Just figure out what you want first, 16, 20, or 24 inch upper, muzzle break, accessories in the future and so on. H-BAR(heavy barrel) or not, type 1,2, or 3 upper - if you even can get an type 1 new anymore. Type 1 was the original-only elevation is adjustable, Type 2 elevation and windage, Type 3 is a flat-top. This is the way I most often hear people describing uppers, even though if you get technical it might be off alittle. Hopefully this helps and didn't get off the subject too far..

  3. SteveO

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    Go to They have a huge variety of AR type rifles to choose from. High quality and middle of the road prices. Or check out There are hundreds of used AR's for sale. You can get a good idea of the going prices for the different brands and models by scrolling thier adds and checking out the pictures. Good luck.
  4. BattleRifleG3

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    DPMS and Olympic are both decent brands, and have much lower prices. I've seen Olympic plinkers for $600, a DPMS bull barrel flattop for $620. If only I hadn't already blown my gun budget through the roof...
  5. Speaking of Bushmaster

    I just received my new Bushmaster catalog in the mail. Just like their website they don't list their prices. I'm looking at getting either a M4A2 carbine or the match target model. My question is what is a realistic retail price on these rifles? Also does anybody know the wholesale price on these things?

    Thanks very much in advance:)
  6. nspark56

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    If you are looking for a Bushy M4A2, don't expect a discount. You will be lucky to find one at all. At the present time, they are backordered. Lots of dealers advertise them at great prices, but when you call, they don't have them.
    Good luck
  7. Thanks for the info on the carbine. How about the availability on the match rifle? Also in ideas on prices?:D
  8. m14nut

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    Dallas, found my M4 bushy on GunsAmerica. Only paid $760.00
    this was less than a month ago.:D
  9. nspark56

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    $760.00 is a real good price for an M4. Just make sure that it is all Bushmaster. I have seen lots or AR's and a few M4's that were parts gun..Anybody with a bunch of parts and a tool box can "make" an M4. Buyer beware.
    Good luck
  10. Jesse

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    I highly reccomend the M4 Bushmaster. I got mine before the 2000 elections for around $690.00. I really like it as well as my Carbon 15/97... they both are as light as a tactical rifle can get.

  11. Paul I

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    I payed 840 for the bushmaster shorty with the AK brake in de.
  12. duck223

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    0 has the m4 post ban carbine w/14.5 barrel,10 rnd mag,fixed tele-style stock,all in a hard case for $759.95.I just received a different rifle and it only took two weeks.:D