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    Can we get some King of the Hill avatars.

    "Just call me Kahn. I don't got all d*** day!"
  2. I just uploaded one for myself. I'm posting this to see if it works.

  3. Klaus

    Klaus Guest

    Yes, make your own avatars. They have to be 100x100 BMPs or JPGs. The instructions are clear. I am not sure these Simpsons pictures are licensed anyway.
  4. Armorer

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    Post the pic you want and I'll make it the right size for you.

    Or e-mail it

    That easy!
  5. Chris

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    If you can find them we will use them, but Simpsons avatars was a download off free avatars web site and you can get them from the simpsons website
  6. my new one came out pretty good if i may say so!.

  7. Chris

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    Nice Jesse its sweet
  8. Thanks Chris!!
  9. Oxford

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    Need an appropriate avatar that represents me

    Not being a viewer of the "Simpsons" I have no idea what my Avatar represents. I'd be interested in hearing from someone who knows what the stupid guy in my Avatar represents.

    Now if you really saw me you'd know that I have absolutely no hair. You might find a couple of sick looking hairs somewhere trying to sprout up but you'll need a magnifying glass to find it (or both of them).(ha)

    Other than that I could be cross eyed, weigh 350 pounds, and slobbering out of the mouth for all you know.(Ha) You'll never know though.

    Now that's my case for finding an appropriate avatar to use that represents me.


  10. Klaus

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    That is Seymour Skinner, the principal at Bart's school.
  11. Armorer

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    Hey Oxford how about this one :)

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  12. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    If Seymore Skinner only held a machine gun

    Thanks Klaus for that ID. Guess I'd better get off the history channel and start watching more shows.

    Kind of like that Seymore Skinner guy's looks. And since I'm a retired school administrator I sort of relate to him. His hair definitely isn't me, though. Guess that's an improvement. And since I'm really cross eyed, have every other tooth out, and slobber constantly this guy's definitely not me. (ha)

    If Seymore Skinner only held a machine gun, Colt 45 or something like that I'd definitely sign him up for sure. Otherwise I'll keep look'in for something better.

    And Armorer, Barney Pfief (sp) was an interesting character but I'll pass on him, too.

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  13. Big Dog

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    Oxford, one of Mr. Skinner's more interesting traits is his occasional Vietnam flashbacks. Sometimes he drops back into his old gungho army mindset.
  14. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    I have flashbacks all the time

    Hey Big Dog:

    Now that part probably fits me the closest. Sometimes I have sort of a flashback in time. When you're my age you've got lots things to flash back to.

    Yep...I still like old Seymour Skinner. He's gett'in better and better.