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Well fellas, Im thinking about buying a new backpack for hiking and camping this summer.

Right now im about to hit the confirm button on this 3VGear Paratus 3day operators pack:

I like the price point and I need a large pack, I like the semi rigid back, and the modularity of the pack, its got some tactical features without being overblown. It looks like it will carry a load well and be comfortable doing so. I dont plan on super long hikes so i dont think I need a full on backpacking pack.

anyone have any experience with this brand or this pack? I know there are all kinds of other 3 day packs out there but after much research this is the only one Im really considering at the moment.

any thoughts appreciated.

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Damn, nice find, I wish I would have known about this pack earlier. My bugout bag is more or less based on the same size S.O.G pack, unfortunately that pack was like $145 but it's rock solid :eek: .

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I don't see a price listed in that link (but didn't look extensively)
The majority of reviews gives it 5 stars and very few at 2 stars or less. So it would seem that most folks are happy they made the purchase.

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I don't see a price listed in that link (but didn't look extensively)
The majority of reviews gives it 5 stars and very few at 2 stars or less. So it would seem that most folks are happy they made the purchase.
$69.95 is the price. It's listed on the left side down near the "add to cart" button.

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Yeah $69 on the company website, but then add $12 for shipping... I actually bought it on amazon, $79 but free shipping and I'll have it thursday. Also, the reviews on amazon were about as good as the company website, and i trust the amazon reviews more, alot of company websites filter their posts, the bad ones that is.

I May not keep the bottom "rapid deployment pack" on the pack. Instead I'm thinking of using that as a place for a bedroll/ shelter kit. I keep a blanket, sheet and towel all rolled up in a tarp and strap it to the bottom of the pack, this allows me to create a tarp tent as i call it.

Plus it looks like in youtube vids that when walking or hiking with the bottom pack attached that it kinda bounces up and down, which to me seems like it might be annoying. But I'm sure I can find something to use it for.

Water storage is going to be something I'll have to think about. right now my plan is to attach two military surplus canteen pouches to the outside. and i think I can store a couple water bottles inside the pack to give me a decent amount of water. Im not really a fan of water bladder set ups personally. I prefer bottles and canteens and make a point to always have a stainless steel water bottle with me so I can boil water if need be.

Also thinking about firearm storage/ transport. I could use one of the side pouches for a pistol and a few mags. that would provide fairly easy access. Not really many other options there. I could attach a holster to the side i suppose.. that might make for a pretty quick cross draw.

This is really making me want to get an AR-7, it would fit in the largest compartment vertically. that and my Heritage Rough rider .22lr/.22mag would be a nice combo.

im just rambling at this point huh ...

We'll thanks for all the input so far guys.

Also, Mods, we should start a "Pack" sub forum, just a thought.

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Hey guys, I got the pack today. Initial thoughts are good. Its well made and study feeling. Its pretty darn big. I have been through 3 iterations of my load out. the first one was waaaayy to heavy, this pack can hold alot more than I can handle. I have had to reduce the load out twice now. Its good though as it really is forcing me to consider what I need. The main thing that I'm running into is water. its heavy. I want to have 3 liters, one per day. the pack and I can handle the volume of the pack all day, its just that overall weigh that is a killer. so i have been purging dense items in order to accommodate more water.

So far I have:

emergency blanket
Plastic sheet 8x12
paracord 50 ft
string 25 ft
duct tape 10 ft
3 ltr water:
1 plastic canteen 1 lrt
1 metal canteen 1 ltr with metal cup bottom
2 500 ml water bottles
food 3 lbs main kit
food 1 lbs snack kit
Med kit
hygiene kit
fire kit
fishing kit
sewing kit
sunscreen 50 spf
bug spray 100 % deet
1 mora knife orange sheath/ handle
knife sharpener
survival guide mini book
trash bag
zip ties
outdoors pants(zip off bottoms)
pfg long sleeve shirt
two pair socks
1 pair boxers
1 white under shirt
1 bottom thermal
gerber survival knife
metal wire saw
emergency radio/ crank generator/ charger/ light
life straw
250 ml whiskey flask
2 150 ml emergency water pouches
wet wipes
head lamp
extra batteries
pen paper
can opener
multi tool
bug net
dry bag
wet bag

That May not be an exhaustive list, still would add a pistol and at least a mag or two of ammo.
Currently coming in at 29 lbs.

The only complaint I have is with the waist strap, it comes loose where it connects to the bottom rear of the pack, I think i can fix it but it should hold from the factory. Other than that it is a very solid pack.

I have decided not to use the RDP, rapid deployment pack, the one that attaches to the molle on the bottom of the Paratus. I was able to get everything into the main pack and I dont want the extra weight of the additional Cubic inches. the RDP is a well made pack, however I found it too small for its weight. plus when loaded up it really sags form the bottom of the pack and hangs away form the center of gravity. I think that I will use it as a range bag for pistols and ammo. so Its still a bonus as its comes with the $80 bag and sells for $25 buy it self.

The side pouches are very large, much bigger than they look in the pictures. I can easily fit 2 500 ml water bottles in each one with room to spare for smaller items like paracord or a lighter etc.

At first I was concerned about the lack of storage compartments. But after playing around with it I have found that by using gallon and quart sized heavy duty zip locks I can organize the large open pockets pretty well and really get alot of stuff in them. Plus it helps water proof and separate different categories of gear.

I think I'm going to give it a one night test here soon. It's been over a year since ive been camping and it will be my first time here in Colorado so I want to ease into it. I will post pics and an update after I've tested it out. The pics include my Max Ped Pygmy Falcon II, what I consider my favorite pack ever, its my every day pack. but its holds about 1/3 what the Paratus does. but it does it with grace and style. I have had the MaxPed PG2 for 5 yrs and it still looks almost new. I just needed something bigger. Large Maxped packs are out of my price range and I'm not crazy about the new designs.

Until then Molon Labe and Semper Fi

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I have a couple of the old Vietnam era 5 quart canteens. Basically a bladder in a nylon cover that fits in the top flap of my ALICE pack. A soft two quart canteen on one side and two one quart canteens with canteen cups on the other. Give me nine quarts of water. If your meals are dehydrated, getting food in your stomach requires more water than you think.
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