New Barrels!!!!!

Discussion in 'Enfield Rifles' started by rondog, May 27, 2014.

  1. rondog

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    Has ya heard tha news?

    Criterion is 95% done with development of a prototype of a new replacement barrel for the Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk.1 rifles, production should start very soon. And they're already planning to do barrels for the No.1 Mk.III rifles next, those should be easier because there's no front sight or bayonet lugs!

    So, new barrels for our old Enfields should be available soon, and they're working on export deals to Australia and Canada too! Got this info in an email from a Criterion rep this morning.

    WOOHOO!!!!! I can't wait!
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  2. 338RUM

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    That would be sweet, would make me buy an old enfield for a shooter!
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  3. rondog

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    I'm thrilled because I have a 1917 SMLE in decent shape with a barrel like a poop chute, and I'll be able to make it usable again!
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  4. PAPA G

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    hope they have tighter chamber tolerances for you reloaders!!
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  5. rondog

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    I certainly hope so. Don't need "trench tolerances"!
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  6. Rumour has it - from their Australian dealer that the price will be $800. If true it does beg the question 'is it worth it' when you could buy two rifles with 'reasonable / good' barrels for the same price.
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  7. PAPA G

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    rumor...unsubstantiated... male bovine excrement!

    such a price would mean automatic product failure, guaranteed!!! we'll just have to wait and see.
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  8. Palladin8

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    I was just on their website and notice they have barrels for the P-14. Hmmmmm for $190 I could have a new barrel for an action that is sitting in a drawer gathering dust. Would just need to have it chambered and installed by a good gunsmith. I am guessing I can find one of those. maybe even have them chamber it in .303Epps. Hmmmm the possibilities. You guys are such a bad influence.
  9. So - Mr Papa G Who's talking bovine excrement ?

    New No 4 barrels have arrived in Australia they have the Bayonet Lug etc on them.
    5 Groove .310 Major Bore Diameter, 1:14 twist.
    Dealer/Gunsmith is
    T Bone Shipwright
    Cost barrel $850.00
    Fitting $150.00
    So for an easy K you can have your No 4 rebarreled
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  10. Correction - the twist is 1:10 not 1:14
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  11. PAPA G

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    well Sir Alan De Enfield, when I read rumor has it, I automatically believe it is Male bovine excrement! For an easy K over here one can get 3-4 SMLE's. I stand my belief that at that price Criterion will sell very. very few of them! Upon further review, your site list's ARMALON LTD barrels for the No 4 only, Criterion barrel under discussion is for the No1 Mk III.
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  12. Then you must be reading a different thread to me ; Post #1 reads.

    However I do agree with you that at that price the market is liable to be very small - even in the UK we could buy 2 "good" No4's for that price.
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  13. oldjarhead

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    Maybe they're flying the barrels, to Australia, first-class instead of coach.

    For that price, installation, finish chambering, and head-spacing should be included. Perhaps lining the old barrel would be the answer.
  14. PAPA G

    PAPA G G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Well the OP did mention barrels for the Mk III also, " And they're already planning to do barrels for the No.1 Mk.III rifles next". Either way this was mentioned here 2 years ago and still nothing yet.
  15. I feel another Enfield project coming. Thanks
  16. I bought a #1 Mk 111 SMLE ( is that correct Alan) recently from a Grazier
    on the "Murry River" which cost me $125 which included shipping!
    It appeared to be badly neglected and never cleaned.
    Had trouble getting a 22 brush through the bore and I had the intention of
    only using it for parts, but I just had to see what the bore looked like.:D
    After scrubbing for a week, using everything Imaginable and every suggestion
    given to me ( even to the using of onion Juice) I have a very clean bore and
    after trying it out at the range it is a beauty. So there are still good ones to be
    discovered. It now has S&K Scope mounts and rings fitted, no drilling.
    which was nearly twice the cost of the rifle.
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  17. I cant see how the chamber tolerances would matter after your cases
    are fire formed?
  18. gandog56

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    Well, case separations happen if chamber too wide from erosion.
  19. Erosion of cases, Yes, but not from the chamber or throat erosion, It would have to be a very old
    used and abused rifle using dirty cases
    My experience of separated cases comes from military ammo with fulminate corrosion.
    Usually base separation and split necks. I am still using reloaded military cases from the
    1950s which I kept in large containers of Vinegar, could get 15 or more reloads out of them!!
    NOT mean just canny:)