New Boston Tea Party

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    I believe I had heard this idea before somewhere but what about every year on the anniversary of the Party we all send tea bags to congress, or atleast certain senators/congressman who really need it? Which organization do you think would be more likely able to acccomplish this?

    Imagine Hillary getting a million bags of tea delivered to her office! Wouldn't they (usps) have to deliver it?
  2. Armorer

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    No food stuff allow thru the mail in DC because of contamination threat. They would just throw them all out before they got to the right person.

    Im the State of Washington, If you buy an old car, you no longer pay tax of what it cost you.

    YOu now pay tax on what the state sez its worth!

    I paid $900 for a 1969 Ford Ranchero. I was taxed for a $2000 car.

    Good thing I have a Asian O'lady, We have LOTS of tea bags :)

  3. Big Dog

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    They'd get stopped at the Anthrax testing site. You can bet Hillary would never see them. Interesting idea, though.

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    Better Idea

    Send them through UPS or fed Ex and or send an empty tea bag
  5. BenP

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    Even if they received the package, they still wouldn't get it (lack of mental association). You'd probably get a form letter thank you from whoever got some.
  6. BattleRifleG3

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    Maybe send pictures of tea bags.
  7. Shaun

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    Here in TN we send our state legistlators tea bags by the truck loads by the way if anyone is visiting from TN please be aware they are trying to pass the income tax again - this is unconstituional (state Const). Get ready with your car horn and tea bags the protests are coming again
  8. Calvin

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    As if the sales tax isn't high enough, Shaun.
  9. Doglips

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    I like the idea...same princapal as the million round target mail in...funny that did not make the news...must have got overlooked...sure the fair and inpartial media covered it...
    Florida talks about an income tax but usaly we just raise the turist type taxes...sir charge on hotle rooms..rental cars ect.