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  1. Well I put a new bow on layaway. I've been reading on here and wherever I could find info about bow hunting. I wanted to try it to spend more time in the woods than the 15 days of firearms season would allow. While I've been deer hunting for several years I haven't shot a bow since I was 10-12 in camp. I purchased a alien Nemesis from my local hunting shop (with it's own dedicated archery guru). He setup the bow for me and made sure that I was shooting well. I was shooting 3" at 17 yards by the I left. I can't wait to paid for teh rest of it and get it home.
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    Yep, the devil is in paying for our toys. Welcome to the bowhunting world. Hope you can get your hands on that new bow sooner than later.

  3. well I have a birthday coming up and a full work schedule in Sept, so hopefully I'll have it soon enough, plus I can go to the store and shoot it anytime I choose so long as teh range is free.
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    if you plan on hunting with it this year, get in and practice with it every chance you get.
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    Good luck with the bow,and as LeftyO says,get all the practice in you can. ,,,sam.
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    Congratulations on the new bow. Hopefully you can get it out in time. Make sure you practice though. In my experience a bow is a blast to shoot, even though I haven't got a deer with mine yet.
  7. finally made the last of the payments and brought home my new bow. Here she is


    Rytera Alien Nemesis. 30", 70lb draw. I'm already put one arrow through the fletching of a second and ruined both. No more of that. But I still need more practice
  8. Just a tip since your a beginning bow hunter, you really, really don't need your bow set at 70lbs. When you get nervous, like if you're going to draw back on a big buck, it's going to be a lot harder with a 70lb draw weight. If you are going to hunt in colder weather, that will also make it harder to draw back. And remember, practice practice practice.
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    yeah, dont shoot groups with the bow, you will ruin expensive arrows in a hurry. ill second what was said above, unless your totally comfortable with it, you dont need the bow cranked up to max weight, cold, drawing at odd angles, a little buck fever can can make a big effect on your shooting. my little 60# mathews puts a 417gr arrow through deer like a hot knife through butter.

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    its an alpine, i dont currently remember which model. i like it, easy on and off, and holds those skinny arrows well.
  11. I also have an Alpine on mine I hear you guys, but I feelgood with the weight and since I've never shot anything else it feels good to me. I bought a target today and shot several more "groups" with one arrow(no more ruining arrows for me, I've learned). I don't know whether that is good or bad (the weight). We'll see how it goes. I'm not new to deer hunting just bow I'll keep you guys postes.

    As of now I'm keeping "three arrows," really one arrow three shots within 2" at 25yds.
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    That's exciting! I just bought a new bow this year too and I'm ready to make a deer take a dirt nap come fall! Kinda goin along with what they're sayin above too, it's a lot easier for muscle memory to start off small and work up...but whatever works and as long as it's ok for you! Good luck this season! :)