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Discussion in 'AR15' started by stanger04, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. stanger04

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    First off, I have worked in a gun shop and built or refinished quite a few firearms. I am by no means a pro but an apprentice to the trade, I feel anyways.
    I have built a few Ar's for myself and I have generally used Sabre lowers as I got them for $110 out the door. I have used various uppers and lower parts kits but I found a deal I think. I did an impulse buy I know bad idea but it was on sale. I walked out the door of a local gun shop with a new carry handle 16" base model DPMS carbine for $679 with two boxes of wolf ammo (40rds.).
    Now, I love carry handle models just my choice but to me that's cheaper than building ( DPMS I bought) but give me the honest truth. Now before anyone says anything about flattops, I've had an M&P flattop with carry handle screwed on and I hated it I love true carry handle with a Trijicon mounted for fast fire.
  2. Para Cassatt

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    That was a good price. I too like the base model with carry handle and I also like a fixed stock. My next will be a flattop or an upper but I just love shooting with aperture sights.

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    My lowers are DPMS. I like them just fine. Is it them or S&W who has the lightweight price leader model out - the Tactical or something like that. Basically a SHTF grab and go item, not a target arm.
  4. Para Cassatt

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    I think it's DPMS but will check tomorrow. They have the best priced scope ready one in the Sportical.