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    Boy am I glad I did not "rag" on you CAI guys on the old forum.
    I guess I'm one of you now. While at a gun show today a guy walked by carrying one and I couldn't resist. The price was too good to pass up. He was also carrying a Springfield and I bought the CAI. It was in decent condition except for the stock and hand guards. Danish buttstock (birch, I think), Birch upper and a nice cracked walnut lower. Barrel: 6/57 VAR, New SA rod - cut, WRA trigger housing, New Gas Cylinder, Plug and Nut. SA Bolt.
    Overall...not a bad rifle, but I have to do something about the stock and hand guards. The rear sight is loose (side to side wobble), which I heard is common on the CAIs. What can I do about it? I'll try the range tomorrow it the weather permits and let you know the results. I have a couple CMP M1s and I am curious to see how this CAI will do. I heard the VAR barrels shoot well. Any ideas on what to do about the stocks?
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    Welcome aboard Devil Dog

    I'm dressing my CAI up with a new Boyd's stock. You can get a fantastic walnut stock finished and ready to go for $75. I've ordered the nutmeg laminate just to pimp it up a bit more. With the new looking metal that comes on CAI's, if you slap a new Boyd's on it she'll look like a new one. Don't have the sight problem you have. I read on the other forum where someone got a cmp with loose sights too. Haven't run in to any CAI's with that problem. Yours is the first I've heard of. Is the whole assembly loose, or just the peep? You might jump over to the other forum and read what they suggested on that cmp.

    What's the serial range on your CAI? And what kind of sights does it have?

    Good Shooting,

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    as far as the rear sight being loose.. you might need to get a new rear sigh cover.... the spring tension in it is what keeps tension on the sight base and appeture
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    I put a walnut Boyds on mine. Put boiled linseed oil on it a few times and hit it with fine steel wool in between,then used a silcone cloth to give it a nice sheen,turned out great. Put on a leather repro. military sling and a few coats of neatsfoot oil darkened it up real nice. Welcome D.D.
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    My CAI serial number is 118XX. Any idea when it was made?
    Sights are un marked. Front is new. Rear aperature is not "cross hatch" finished on rear face as my HRA and S.A. are.
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    If all else fails , you might try peening the sides of the rear sight appature m a tiney bit .

    Please check headspace & firing pin retraction .

    God Bless