New California Laws?

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  1. At our local SASS Club shoot this morning we were told that Ca just outlawed all lead ammo and is fixing to pass a law limiting buyers to 50 rounds of ammo a month.
    Anyone know about this?
  2. samuel

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    I dont know anything about it,but it sounds like California.Limiting ammo would be unconstitutional,but since when did that ever bother liberals. sam.

  3. Sure wouldn't surprise me any. There going to try any back door method they can. What really erks my butt, how many years has lead been used? I mean from way back when until now and I've yet to see any real evidence it's affecting anything. I mean, lead does come from the earth does it not? I mean it isn't as if it's man made or anything and when it gets into the soil it kills everything for miles around it. Sure not like the many companies that have dumped toxic waste all over the place has that's for sure...
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  4. Have been getting e-mails from NRA & NSSF about the lead ban but haven't heard about the 50 rounds. Is this going to put SASS out of shooting in Ca.
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    Well, the lead ban is only for hunting, in most of the state. Trying to 'save the condors'.

    The 50 round a month thing is for real, they are trying to push it through. Not only 50 rounds a month, but you have to have an ammo purchasers permit, and go through a background check, essentially like buying a firearm in this great state.

    Check out and join the NRA, if you aren't already a member. PM me with any questions, I am fairly up to date on our CA "laws".
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    They don't care about facts or the good of the people.There are much more toxic materials in their discarded film material and printing material and that has been substantiated,at one time they used a lot of mercury.They dont care.They take guns from law abiding citizens and turn felons and illegals back out on the street.That proves how much they really care about the health and well being of the law abiding citizen. sam.
  8. First I've heard of it. I live in California, and I read the papers every day. I think someone's yanking your chain...:)

    I wouldn't doubt someone has introduced such bills, but that's a long way from them becoming law; witness the states that have had bills introduced requiring serial nrs on every bullet, that stay legible after impact.Think about it: would dealers get to break down boxes of twenty rifle rounds, so they could get an even fifty? If not, you'd actually be limited to two twenty-round boxes. And would it be fifty per gun, fifty per caliber, fifty per family, or what?

    As mentioned, there is a new law about lead hunting ammo within the range of the California condor, though. But he doesn't fly where I shoot, and never did.
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    Troy 2000, I hope you are right.
  10. yeah if not that would suck
  11. lefty o

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    you folks that live in commifornia best get started pestering your "lawmakers" on a daily basis.
  12. MOVE TO SOUTH DAKOTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sure you will freeze in the winter which is from october to april but you will never have any limits on amo or guns!
    thats my 2 cents
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    That may be true, but the problem is they keep on trying until it does pass. :hitwithrock::sad2:
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    I have not heard about the ammo limit, But, the lead ban goes into effect in the Condor areas of California and it includes target practice as well as hunting in that area...Even .22 ammo has to be lead free...
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    The Condor zone is about 1/4 of the hunting areas of CA, mostly in the southern part of the state. Active hunting in that area must be with non lead bullets. I believe this was snuck in by the DFG, no vote or legislation.

    .22s can be used for game, with no carcasses left for scavengers to eat. Can't use .22s for varmints. This law applies to hunting only, target ranges, skeet ranges, etc.are still the same. Cowboy shooters shouldn't be affected as their shooting is done at a "range".

    The 50 round limit (50 rounds max per month. License to purchase ammo. severe limitation on transferring ammo) is pending in the legislature. If you live in CA, go to the NRA website and learn how to email your Rep. to voice your opposition.

    DFG - Hunting - Get the Lead Out (Protecting the Condor) to fing exact regulations.