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New Carbine Grab-n-Go/ Range Bag- Savior Urban Takedown Rifle Case

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So I just ordered one of these bags to use as a range bag and a ready to grab and go rifle bag.

I want something that will hold my rifle(carbine really), mags, ammo, and all the accessories i need to run it effectively.

I did a lot of research and decided this one looked like it had the best balance of capacity and size. I got the grey one hoping it wont scream GUN as much as some of the other colors. ive had to make some decisions about what to pack but i've got it narrowed down pretty well, I really need to have it in hand to determine how much it can hold. Im going to pick up a few extra ar mags here soon as well. I think that I will also be able to store at least one or two pistols in the bag as well as all the rifle stuff.

I'll post some pics as soon as i can and give a more detailed review of the pack itself and how i decided to load it out. im a total nerd for packs, bags, and cases some im excited!
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I’m leery of fancy bags. For various reasons, I have (had) a pile of them that don’t fit or work quite right. I keep going back to a small bug out bag and a hiking backpack.

I’d be curious to read a follow up with your thoughts. Please let us know a when it comes in.
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Looks like a bag for a pool cue...which is a good think imo. I have this one which holds a disassembled 9mm AR and 5-33 rounds Glock mags, as well as some simple bob items (tarp, paracord, emergency blanket, Lifestraw, lighters, firestarters...the list goes on). It never leaves my side, goes into and out of work and home every day.
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I have a 3vgear paratus 3 day pack that is my "Bob" that stays in my truck, then i have a vertx ecd back pack that goes with me pretty much everywhere. this one will be specific to everything needed to run and maintain my ar in a moments notice.

I felt that this one was in that price range where it was affordable but not so cheap I'm worried about it being poor quality, now only time will tell how it will hold up.

I'm thinking about 200 rounds of assorted ammo. mostly 30 round pmags with m193 and m855.

then i have 2 20 rounders with some .223 55 gr fmj. and one empty 10 round mag that i will use for "Speciatly ammo" some hornady 55 gr sp and some federal 50 gr tipped, as well as 20 rounds of mk318 mod0 all in boxes. with that ammo I can pretty much do anything that this rifle is capable of.
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