New Carcano sporter stock

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Rex in OTZ, May 15, 2008.

  1. Rex in OTZ

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    I got a stock a couple weeks ago that I hadent really gotten to look at till today it is "sweet!" nice grain Americain Walnut in a montie carlo configuration with but plate, 95% inletted, I hadent gotten a chance to put the MIDA in it yet, I think it will really dress er up!
    It cost $165 all the way to Kotzebue, Alaska.
    Bob's shooting supplies out of Arkansas.
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    How about a pic ROTZ?

  3. Rex in OTZ

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    I'll have to barrow a digital cammera as I dont havew one, just a Kodak 110 instamatic from 1977.
  4. Hey Rex what caliber is it? I have two carcanos both have bubba gump stocks. One is a 6.5 short carbine. I don't know much about the various models but it is the shortest carcano I've ever seen. I was once told it was a youth? or cadet model? I don't know.
  5. Rex in OTZ

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    My intro into carcano's was 1987 when my college roomie owed me $17 for electric
    he gave me a Carcano Calvery carbine with the lug cut, I hadent any idea what I had then so I hung onto it for awhile, my buddies gave me hell for having it "it was short and very dark like been in a fire" they jokeingly referd to it as my Planet of the Ape's gun so I hung onto it for awhile, in Cheyene WY in those day's I think there was only one box of Norma 6.5 to be had for $26
    A class mate of mine saw it and wanted to buy it and daily bugged me about it, I was reluctant as it may blow up on him , I said I would go in 50% on the 6.5 cartridges and we would see if it would shoot or blow up & if it survived I'd sell it for $20, that weekend we loaded up the Montie Carlo and drove out onto the BLM out NW of town ready for some entertainment to fire it, "the tire and bootlace method" we hadent any clips so rammed rounds into the chamber 1 at a time, it shot without scattering parts so after the second shot we were shooting it kinda loosely incase the bolt came out, it never, it had fixed sights and shot spot on at 130yds it blew the heck outta milk jug's full of water!
    I ended up selling that carbine for $20 to a 18yr old kid from North Dakota.
    Several years passed by and when I had a chance to get another I did & converted it to 7.62x39 unfortunetly I had a co-worker that bugged me quite oftin about it, at that time I wanted those new MADDI's that were $235 at the time so I traded it off for the new MADDI, it came back to me several years later with a hosed barrel.