new CETME, fail to feed

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  1. Been lurking while making up my mind to get a CETME. Yep, I did. Stamped reciever, wood in OK shape. The metal on the butt stock is a few shades lighter than the rest of the rifle. First time to the range went bang on the fiirst try. But did not feed & the 5 round mag dropped about 1/4 inch down. Tried the 2 mags that came it & 2 new in the wrapper mags. I'll be striping it down for a look see & real heavyduty cleaning. Is there anything I should look for? TIA
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    good luck with a stamped reciever, i also looked into this rifle but was swayed away from my ffl provider, he states he sends back almost every cetme he recieves, the quality is really suspect, the Cetme has a really violent extraction system, and sear problems, He says the only good action is the hk version, because of better quality, and attention to detail

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    oh a friend of mine is a pretty good gunsmith, he says he has inspected lots of Cetme rifles and does not want to be any where near they are fired, now that bieng said there is supposed to be a better quality cetme around, sarco quit selling these rifles, because of problems but just recently started again at a much lower price of 220 bucks, claiming they have a better quality rifle at a much lower price, I hope you have a warrenty
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    Look at
    I think I got it all in there. Anyway he's got a really informative site and shows what to check for when getting one. I got my first one and ended up sending it back, feed problems, mag problems, pitty bore, bad finnish. The second one was like the differance of night and day. I did have heat up the front site and reset it for windage, got it off Mike's page, but other than that I loved it. Good wood, shiny bore, nice finnish, went bang every time! Had alot of rounds through it, never jamed.
  5. Well I striped down the CETME & cleaned out the inside of the reciever with some 0000 steel wool. It felt very course before now it's smoooth. Also I noticed that the recoil spring & rod were a little bent. I straightened that out now the action racks alout easier. Now to fidn the time to get to the range.
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    My 5 round mag is worthless , but the 20 round mags seem to work fine .

    Many of these rifles smooth up after being fired some .

    God Bless
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    I lucked out and got a pretty fair one. I think the trooper who's rifle the stock came from used his to pound tentstakes - I need to strip and refinish the wood. The mags are a tight fit at first, but this is mainly due to the parkerizing in the magwell - it loosened with use. My five-rounder fits tight. Had some initial function problems - found that the CIA monkeys had lubed it on non-contact areas (with white lithium grease!) but the recoil tube and bolt were filthy. Cleaned it and relubed with Breakfree, now it functions perfectly. The monkeys did some crude welds compared to a couple other Cetmes I've checked over. The rifle shoots a few inches right at 100 yards, but the sight adjust tool will fix this. I'm looking for a good secure scopemount now.
    Mike The Electrician's site is great! It's been very helpful.

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    CETME fail to feed

    Hold the rifle upside down in your lap - muzzle pointed away, mag removed. Slowly pull the bolt back and see how the ejector rides up into the slot on the bottom of the bolt. You can also take a shell case and place it in the bolt and pull the bolt back to see how much of the rim is engaged by the ejector. The highest re-occurance of fail to feed that I have seen on the CETs is actually a fail to eject. It seems that the trigger group fits some of the new recievers too low causing the ejector to barely catch the cartridge rim. There are a couple of fairly easy fixes for this - check it out and if I may help with any more info feel free to email me at [email protected] . Good luck and don't get discouraged. The Cets have gotten a pretty bad rap but overall they're not bad rifles. 99.9% of the problems are from bad remanufacture and/or lack of basic quality control before they're shipped. Some simple repairs and adjustments will lend the rifle to be very reliable.