New church shooting stopped by bystanders

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    Police: Gunman wounds 3 outside SoCal church - Yahoo! News

    "LOS ANGELES - A man with a semiautomatic rifle opened fire at a church festival Saturday, wounding his ex-wife and two bystanders before festival-goers grabbed him and held him for police, authorities and a church official said."

    Looks like a domestic. he put some rounds into his ex-wife and 2 other guys got hit, one's critical.

    The news report is refreshingly rational and informative. Looks like he had a .22 semiauto rifle, was maybe reloading when he was grabbed by some bystanders, one of whom was an off-duty Burbank police officer.

    Bad incident, but fortunately no one's dead and again, the media response is rational, no one's calling for bans, and the bystanders took him down. I think people are starting to realize that we need to go after people who try things like this when they do. I kinda wish someone there was carrying, but can't have everything. I'm really glad some people are waking up to the fact that you can't stand by and let someone do things like this and that it's not the guns, it's the bad people.

    - Coeloptera
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    I can't believe the off duty LEO wasn't carrying. Good to see that people are realizing that action needs to be taken when these horrible events take place.

  3. Brother Bob

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    Even in the 1800's, people left their weapons at home when they went to church or a church function. Guess nothing is sacred anymore. Glad no one got killed. Maybe there was some divine intervention, huh?
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    New York
    Anyone seen this on the national news yet? Or did it get downplayed because A) no one was killed and B) it was ordinary citizens as well as the off-duty cop who subdued the loon until the police got there?
  5. squirrelblaster

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    lucky it was 22, if it where a higher caliber the victoms may not have lived.
  6. He probably was carrying, but decided to grab the guy instead. Good call, since he was close enough to do it; no sense doing any extra shooting in a crowd situation.
  7. I really feel for those peolpe. I hope the freak gets a couple human booster shots in prison for opening fire on his wife with his kid their AT CHURCH!!!! On another note I always hate how they demonize fire arms on the news I cant tell if they doit to improve ratings or if they have a anti gun agenda. When something like this for hours they call the weapons full auto assult rifles and when they finally check their facts they always call them "semi automatics". which is true but how they say it and the vibes they give off make it sound like semi autos are illeagal and evil. The media needs to remember the difference between a reporter and a journalist. A reporter just gives the facts and lets the story tell its self while a journalist goal is to make them selves to be the star and the hero of the story.
  8. I think one of the major points Coel was making was that he didn't feel the media did that with this story, thomas.
  9. I cant believe the news tonight actually said it was a semiautomatic ASSUALT rifle. Was it really a .22?
  10. According to the A.P. story it was; if the TV news is saying assault rifle, they're probably full of it.

    Unless the AP story was wrong and it was really a .223 of some sort instead of a .22, in which case it might fit California's definition of an assault rifle
  11. I dont know what network he saw troy but I had fox news on for most of the morning and early afternoon. All day long all I heard was about for those hours was ted kennedy watching baseball with his family at the hospital and everyone in their mother saying how much they love the blow hard lol. The other major stories was the church shooting and they said every time that he used a automatic weapon over and over I didnt even hear that the weapon he used was a .22 untill I came on here tonight.
  12. Well this story won't help in getting the .22 semi-automatic rifle off of the proposed HR-1022 ban list. It's on the list because of it's 10 round magazine. If it does by chance get taken off, don't expect them to let the after market 25 rounders, 30 rounders and up to be taken off. They may let the rifle slide but not the high cap mags., for anything for that matter.
  13. Coeloptera

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    And that was Fox News, yet.

    But yes, my point was the article I found was refreshingly reasonable about the whole thing, blaming the guy rather than the gun and actually doing some apparent fact-checking.

    - Coeloptera
  14. Capt. Think back to 1988 there was a shooting in the Tampa/St. Pete area the AP described the rifle as a .30-30 winchester Assault rifle. I thought my head was going to explode. How about the people that are stopped and found to have over a thousand rounds of ammo.Ive seen this too. Then if you do research you find out they had just bought a couple of bricks of .22lr. Never underestimate ignorance in the media.
  15. "Never underestimate ignorance in the media."

    AND never underestimate the vast number of people who will believe it.
  16. According to my newspaper this morning, the weapons was "a .22 rifle made to look like an M16 assault rifle."
  17. ghost_raven

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    Well, I've seen a "Scary Black Rifle" that uses .22LR... Calico. There also are AR-15's made for .22LR, mostly due to the inexpensiveness of .22 ammo.
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    Isn't every weapon used in a violent situation an assault weapon, or any weapon used ever to hurt somebody an assault weapon? I'm sick of the media using assault to describe these evil guns meant to kill and maim small children and babies.
  19. dancingflea

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    sadly to get ratings the media have to lie.
  20. germanbock

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    Bad MOJO

    I sure wish we were allowed to carry, but LA County doesn't like to provide their citizens the right to carry. Everyone is practically denied.
    Bad MOJO I tell ya - preventing people from carrying, trying to pass laws on ammo identification. It sure sounds as if they don't want us having any guns.
    My wife and I are currently looking to leave the Republic of California to a new state where the laws of the land are more suitable - too many problems in California.