New CMP M1 on the Range

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JackT, Sep 14, 2002.

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    I have just been thrilled with my SASG that came Monday. Barrell has no throat erosion and muzzel is perfect. The 1943 receiver looks brand new as do all the parts. The oprod and gas cylinder guages to be new too. SA 64 barrell and 2-65 rebuild marks from Utah. NO grease or cosomoline, just well oiled barrell and receiver. Held a 2 inch group at 100 and will probably do better.

    One question. The handguards are a nice light choloate walnut, but the new looking stock looks like stained birch, kinda orangish red or mahogany stain. It locks up really tight. Thinking about trying to strip the stain, refinish with formby's and add tung oil. Any opinions, or should I just ship it to Stock Doc? Thanks
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    Those Birch stocks are hard to stain. You may end up staining the whole thing dark just to get it to match. It may be easier to get birch handgards from someplace to match your stock.

    Maybe Stockdoc can help though :)

  3. Dont even mess around-- give it to Stock Doc. He has done excellant work in the past -- you will not be disappointed.
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    This may seem unusual, But I have used a 2% solution of chromic acid on birch stocks with very good results. If you use this solution it will kind of freak you out but bear with it. The solution will turn bare wood very orange at first! As it dry's it wil darken to a chocolate brown. If you want it darker add an additional coat after the first one is dry. DO NOT APPLY MORE THAN 2 COATS! Let it set overnight. When you get up the next mornig it will look absolutly burned. Just rub it out with bouild linseed oil and a 3M pad. I have doune this on several stocks and it looks great.

    Good luck.