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I'm glad they are making the Series 70 style again, although the Series 80 safety has a righteous following. A friend of mine dropped an older Colt Government, and I believe that his hammer had been snagged to half cock (he used to carry it hammer down, loaded). I warned him about this, and suggested cocked and locked on several occasions. Well, one day, answering the doorbell, he shook up the UPS guy when his gun fell from the waistband of his houserobe (behind his back), hit the vinyl clad floor, and pushed a 230grain slug into a furrow in the vinyl for about 8 inches, which then bounced out and struck the back of a padded chair, and was found lying on the carpet. All the energy was distributed to the cutting of the vinyl,bullet half in-half out (of the vinyl). Freak impact; muzzle must have been about 45 degrees to the floor, but sufficient to jar the hammer down on the firing pin, etc. This would be an argument for the Series 80 if you wanted to carry hammer accident like this couldn't happen. I still like series 70 cocked and locked, and the trigger pulls are generally better than the Series 80, although some 'smiths can tune them pretty well. I have both, and am looking forward to getting my bright polished stainless 10mm Delta (Series 80) back from SDM Fabricating, where it is being polished up a bit more (like the Custom Shop .38 Super brought out last year that my wife got for an anniversary present), and receiving a gold bead front sight and U-notch rear from SDM, and some other minor tweaking, for what will basically be a stock gun except for sights and enhanced polishing. It came with a nice trigger pull that probably can't be improved on a Series 80, and will be a nice, yet practical, showpiece with mammoth ivory grips. Series 70 vs. Series 80? Flip a coin, or buy both!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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