New Dan Crenshaw, Texas Ad

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    On Thursday night, Houston Republican Dan Crenshaw shared a new campaign ad, featuring himself and five other GOP congressional candidates in what his YouTube page humbly described as the “greatest joint campaign ad in history.” Describing the three-and-a-half-minute spot as an “ad” almost misidentifies it, though. It’s not a campaign advertisement in the traditional sense, as those often identify the candidates’ policies, or at least describe the policies of their opponents. There’s no call to action in the video, or even details on when the election is and why, specifically, you should vote for the candidates who appear.

    No, what Crenshaw and friends have created is … art? A short film, anyway, stylized like an action movie trailer (for a film called Texas Reloaded, which the candidates seem like they would have a lot of fun making), and intended to introduce the team to voters as superheroically as possible. It is whimsical and self-aware and pretty weird, a fun ad in a bleak time. However, given that it presents its characters in the milieu of an action film, it is fair to approach it as such. There are some plot holes is what we’re saying, and some stylistic choices that don’t quite make sense. Given that nobody makes an ad like this to not start a conversation, we will make the observations and ask the questions that we were left with after watching Texas Reloaded.
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