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    Big dog has a post on the joke forum about using a snake to hold people up and rob them.

    I can add to that. A friend with ties to Norway was telling me the new wave of crime (due to strict gun ownership and storage laws) was to use trained attack dogs to hold the owners at bay while the house is robbed. The dogs are trained to attack anyone who moves. It is considered murder in Norway if you kill someone with a gun in your home, even if it is in self defense. This is due to the fact the gun and ammo have to be stored and locked separately. Since you would not have time unlock both and assemble while the guy is breaking in and attacking you, it is reasoned that you were breaking the law to begin with and are guilty of murder.

    Bull isn't it.
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    Don't surprise me. It is the same in Canada. Exept out in the country where I live you can do just about anythnig being 50 miles from the closest town wich had only 300 people.

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    That is just incredible, thank god we haven't hit that extreme here, yet! But then I won't be around to see that.

    What with prying it out of my cold dead hands and all....

    Roger that!!!

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    Gee, an' I was soo wantin' ta go live in Norway, sigh.
    Maybe I'll consider BF Egypt then.

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    In the late 80's while I was still working on the force we heard of a guy in CAL. ithink that held up a bank with a hypodermic neddle full of blood and clained it was full of his blood and that he was HIV positive. guy walked out with over 100,000 green backs. don't know if they ever caught him.
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    Some enterprising criminals around Columbus, Ohio have gotten pit-bulls, and had their vocal chords removed. They are REALLY quiet, and have been known to use them in home invasions. I know it'll be a matter of time until this gets to be an epidemic, and you will have to go through a waiting period, background check, and have to take a safe-dog ownership course to buy a dog.