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New EC pack input 3V Gear Bandit

Discussion in 'Other Accessories' started by MosinRuger, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. MosinRuger

    MosinRuger G&G Evangelist

    Hey Guys, and Gals,

    I am planning to get a new EDC pack that is a bit smaller and lighter than the one I currently have( maxpedition Pigmy flacon). it doesn't need to carry much, mostly just a few odds and ends and my CC gun, I dont feel comfortable having it on me at work but want it close to me in case some crazy customer comes in with a gun or an employee goes bizerk. I can crouch under my desk and ready pistol in a matter of seconds, then wait for an opportunity to either strike or defend. the one im considering is the 3V Gear Bandit. I already have the 3V Gear paratus 3 day pack which i have im my truck as a GHB.

    I also carry the usual EDC stuff:
    multi tool
    various medicine
    pen paper
    cellphone charger cord
    extra mag
    lip balm

    i probably left out a thing or two, but thats the gist of it

    here's the kicker. Im not a water bladder person. I prefer water bottles, either disposable or reusable, I'm just not a fan of bladders. so even though this bandit pack is made for a bladder i think it will serve me well. I can throw a water bottle in instead.

    and i can use the bladder if im going hiking or whatever, i just dont see it practical to use the bladder every day.

    so thoughts?
  2. Wicked109

    Wicked109 G&G Evangelist

    The EDC pack has got to be huge if you can pack Sharie in it...and she's not going to like it.
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  3. Held Fast

    Held Fast G&G Evangelist

    I nearly bought that very bag ... I go back and forth on bladder vs. bottle (I like the nalgene canteens best). Instead of the 3v I went "gray man" with an REI Flash 25 in black. Two outer pockets for bottles, plus its set up for a bladder if you want. Its a top loader, but it holds everything on your list. And its not tactical looking, which doesn't matter in my office, but I'm not always in my office.
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  4. MosinRuger

    MosinRuger G&G Evangelist

    it sure would, luckily its just a SHARPIE!
  5. MosinRuger

    MosinRuger G&G Evangelist

    a couple of guys in my office use tactical/military style bags so its not a big deal. and really the Bandit is so small i dont feel like it would stick out too much. its not like im walking around with a 3 day assault pack. I go back and forth between the black and the foliage grey. I lean toward the grey because i think its kinda blends in more, I feel like the black has more contrast with most surroundings and even though black usually looks smaller it stands out more, unless your wearing black which i rarely do.
  6. MosinRuger

    MosinRuger G&G Evangelist

    another perspective is that I already have several bags in fde/tan/odg, so maybe it makes sense to get the black on so that i have more color options. the more i look at pics them ore i can see how black just kinda disappears from vision.
  7. MosinRuger

    MosinRuger G&G Evangelist

    I just bought it in Foliage Green. Im a sucker for FDE and foliage green or olive drab. I feel like it just blends into the background better, even black stand out as it has a high contrast to most other colors.

    Size is a big factor on this one, I just like that this pack is small. sometimes i feel like i am carrying a bag thats bigger than it needs to be with my current edc the Maxped PF2, awesome bag, but maybe overkill.

    Im also going to try to trim down my edc load out and tailor to specific applications more frequently. they have a Veterans day sale going on so this bag is 27% off, only $21.65 without the bladder, and $5 for shipping. so i basically got it for $27 total. I already have two bladders so if i want to use one I will have one to use.

    Really starting to like this company, I already purchased their Paratus 3 day pack, its well built!
  8. MosinRuger

    MosinRuger G&G Evangelist

    Delivery tomorrow cant wait!
  9. animalspooker

    animalspooker G&G Evangelist

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  10. MosinRuger

    MosinRuger G&G Evangelist

    Sorry bud I'm Keeping the maxped, it still looks almost new after 5-6 years of everyday use. Im not even kidding. the 1000 denier and superb stitching really holds up well on those packs. I just lately feel like its overkill. I want to trim down my edc load so this will help.

    I just got it today and its actually a bit smaller than I thought. But I have managed to fit everything i wanted into it.

    plus, its small, which is what i wanted, also the Foliage grey is more grey then green, so it blends in well to most backgrounds, except solid black ,it stands out.

    I have in it currently:
    Jacket(wind/water proof, not super warm but really helps.
    SS water bottle(750ml)
    snack size peanuts
    1 stick buffalo jerky
    1 packet maple almond butter( high in protein and cals)

    Folding Kinfe( )
    Thinking about adding one of those stubby mora knives instead...
    mini pen
    note pad
    paper clip
    mini hand sanitizer
    eye drops
    prescription glasses in hard case
    Camo accs pouch: hand lotion, 2 alcohol wipes, 4 band aids, advilx4,tylenolx2, tumsx2, pepto tabsx2, anti gasx2, anti diarrheax2, laxativex2, daytime flu x2, flashlight, alkaseltzerx2, carmex stick, bic lighter wraped with camo duct tape.

    this is really a bag that I use to take in and out of work. I have a survival bug out bag just about 50 yards away at all times in my truck so this doesnt need to be a survival kit. NOw i could survive with it for a day or two if need be, but its really just to get a few items into and out of the office that frequently use. a few snacks in case i miss breakfast. water. medicine.

    also, when its colder out I can unzip the expansion pocket and fit gloved and a hat in there, so i can stuff them in there and have to carry then around or put in my jacket pocket.

    also it can fit my luch box which is nice but if I put that in there I cant fit any water.. not a biggie theres water at work.

    this leads me tothe only down side to this pack, no external water bottle sleeve.

    I am not a bladder person and fully understand that this is a bladder designed pack. that said im thinking of ways to sew a mesh side pocket onto the pack to allow for an external water bottle.
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