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  1. Iron_Colonel

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    I bought 320rds .303 Brit POF Pakistani stuff today for $69.32. I liked how well some of the other Pakistani stuff shot out of it, I thought it was a pretty good deal, so in my mind I did the only logical thing.

    I had some discount coupons for the magazine I found it in so I got $10 off the order over $100 so I bought an "original" WWII Enfield sling, a portable tool box thing that I can put my cleaning stuff in for my guns, and a pistol cleaning pad I guess I just lay them on there and clean them. So we will soon see in my investments will be worthwhile.
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    If that's the 1960's Pakistani POF, that's a good deal. Right in line with the same thing i've gotten at AIM Surplus. It's always been good .303 ammo for me.

    AIM .303Brit .303Brit
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  3. roadie

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    where did you get it for that price?
  4. SwedeSteve

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    Peoples want to know!!
  5. Iron_Colonel

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    Well I'll have to say, that is my secret!:scool:

    Oh, ok I wouldn't do that to a fellow Enfieldist. Yea, it says late 50s early 60s Pakistani stuff. It just shot really well out of my gun the last batch I had. The Sportsmans guide sells it so go to their website. Here are the catalog numbers so you just plug one of those numbers in, and it will bring up the rest to click to add to your cart.

    AX8A-131736 is the number for 32 rds for $7.97

    AX8A-131737 is the number for 160 rds for $38.97

    AX8A-131738 is the number for 320 rds for $72.97

    It says limited quantities so if there are genuine interests then you know what to do!! :)
  6. WW2Junkie

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    If you're looking for surplus .303, another good site is SAMCO. They are a pain to get registered with but they have POF for $84.50 for 500. That's about 17 cents a round. Plus shipping of course. They have British for a little more.
    I've heard some bad things about the Pakistani stuff so was a little reluctant. I got the British. Seems several people were having misfires, hangfires, and no-fires. Maybe it's just a luck of the lot.:dunno:
  7. Iron_Colonel

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    I only had a few "click-bangs" but I would say 95% of all the Pakistani stuff I shot didn't click-bang. I don't remember how many boxes of 32 I had (I think they are 32 right?) Maybe 3 or 4 at most. It shot really well too and got some decent groups at 100yds with iron sights. I will be excited to get the ammo and do some more range firing with it. But it seems that only one Enfield isn't enough, so I may have to supplement my current inventory :biggthumpup:
  8. thats wierd how it seems like only the surplus british ammo i get ever does the click-bangs. i have shot countless surplus of lots of other types and havent run into any click-bangs anywhere else.