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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by wes, May 5, 2002.

  1. wes

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    Went to a .50 cal. shoot today near Ft. Morgan,Co. One of the shooter's asked me for a cigarette,I gave him one,and he asked if I would like to fire a round from his .50 (McMillan?). Beautiful rifle. So don't tell me that smoking isn't good for you. It's also the first time I ever shot,and hit,a target at 2000 yds.
  2. Doglips

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    You Lucky dog! I seen one of the 50 cal LR grisleys at a gun show...took fire rescue 2 hours with the jaws of life to pry my hands off of it and group of milatent femanist to help wifee poo get me to the car....kicking and screaming that I wanted a toy...hehehe

  3. Oxford

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    Great story Doglips. Aren't 50 caliber's used on ships or on planes? It's got to kick like a mule.
  4. wes

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    Not really that bad,it weigh's about 30 lbs. and has a muzzle break like a stack of half dollars.