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Discussion in 'M1 Garand' started by Stock Doc, May 14, 2002.

  1. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    Some may want to check out the GCA new board heres the link. Rick B
  2. Stock Doc--

    Are you goona go to this shooting event???

  3. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    I will be at the John C Garand shoot the same day. When I get my packet from the NRA I will send it in and probably have the lane I will be shooting and time around July I hope. Maybe I'll se you there and maybe I will join the Rattle Battle team. Darn sun made my nose look like a beek hehehehehehe. That is a bad picture of me. Rick


  4. wes

    wes Guest

    Nice legs. hehehe.
  5. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    Hey thats a 6' 4" frame there buddy hahahhahaha and a 4" nose to go with it incase I fall down it will break the fall.
    You know what they say "Big hands, Big feet and Big nose"?

    Must be a Clown! Rick B
  6. If it were'nt for the nose, what would shade your face? 6'5" and German, same nose here. ( several more pounds of Budwieser under my T shirt ).