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  1. Gentleman--

    I would like to say hello to everybody, I can see many of you are very well schooled in this fine weapon, the M-1 Garand. I am sort of a novice when it comes to this weapon, but I have always wanted one. There is a gentleman from New Jersey, advertising in Shotgun News, that rebuilds and refinishes the M-1. I contacted him, and he was very up on this rifle having worked on and restoring them for some 30 years. As it turns out I bought one from him. It is what he calls a Super Premier Match grade rifle. Its comes with new wood, new barrel, mostly new parts on a refinished reciever. You might think i am crazy, but I paid $870 including shipping, a leather sling, 10 clips, and a full one year guarantee on this rifle. I chose mine in .308 because of the low cost and abundance of this ammo. I have an SKS, I got a Turkish Mauser, I did the Yugo m-48 Mauser, I also have a Thompson, among others. I have a couple of questions, Do you think I was taken? Did I pay too much? Should I have chosen 30.06? I just wanted an M-1 that was safe and reliable. I have been told that the .308 performs just about as good as the 30.06, is this true?


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    For a good .308 rifle, I have my HK-91 clone. An M14 or FAL clone would do just as well or better, as would an AR-10.
    I got my M1 Garand for the few but real advantages of the .30-06 (slightly higher power at close range, legality of AP ammo) and primarily because of its value as an American classic rifle. I wanted to use what my forefathers used and maybe know a millionth of what they learned and how they lived.
    There are plenty of respectable people who have M1s in .308. And if the rifle is as good as he claims, that's a very good price. Most match rifles of any kind will cost at least a grand (for a Garand... ha ha).

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    If you are happy with the rifle, then you did not get taken. As for .308 it is cheaper and easier to get. Have fun with your M1.
  4. Ictboy, in your corner of the world, I think you got an average deal. Seen one in Houston last weekend 4-7 and similar product for $800. Go BANG!:assult:
  5. Good deal! I recently paid a grand for my garand.30.06 though.The point is that if you are happy with it's performance and quality of workmanship of that rifle.....don't cry.You did'nt lose $895,you gained a friend for life.Happy shootin'!!!
  6. Dean---

    I am very happy with what I bought, you should check out his website @ www.garandguy.com .
    He is very reasonable to deal with, I am addicted now and I think I'm gonna get one of the CMP rifles just to see what I would get. The rifle I got from Tony Giacobbe is a real piece of work.