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Discussion in 'Springfield Armory' started by ltcboy, May 7, 2002.

  1. Did any of you guys read the article in Shooting Times on the Garands that they (Springfield Armory Inc.) are putting out?? Looks like they cost about $1000.00. Just wondering what you guys think.
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  2. TKH

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    They seem to have gotten mixed reviews. Apparently there are some wide variations in quality based on who manufactured the receiver. $1000.00 is a lot to pay when the CMP rifles cost 1/2 that.

  3. I thought that Springfield INC. was making these recievers newley manufactured. Correct me if I am wrong!!??
  4. I've heard the early ones were made with Italian surplus receivers and that future ones will be new cast ones.

    I still think there won't be much of a market for commercial M1s until the CMP M1s dry up. Hard to justify paying $1000 when you can get a decent Dane VAR for $400-425.00.
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    If it says SA Inc. it will be a cast receiver , most like with surplus ( used ) parts . How is this better than a USGI forger SA receiver and the rest of the parts , from the CMP ?

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    My SA Inc. was made around Mar. this year. The receiver is
    marked Lithgow. The rifle appears well made. I also have
    a CMP-SA Dane w/ VAR. For half the money the CMP is likely the
    better deal.
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    this should answer your question.
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    I have a garand that I purchased new in 1986 from Springfield. I would only get rid of it if someone wanted to trade me a 1918A3 BAR for it. To this day, it's the most accurate rifle I have ever owned and it still looks new.