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New to the forum anyway. I have a 17 and a 26, both 8 pound triggers, both Meprolites. I owned a dollar on the 26 on my 21st birthday in 1999 and carried it daily till I moved to TN from AL last year. That was about the time I bought the 17.

About the same time I also bought a Kel-Tec Sub2000 carbine that accepts Glock mags. I have the plastic reciever gun, green furniture.
This carbine has a mixed internet rep. Some love it, some hate it, some see it for what it is, a cheap pistol cal carbine that is good for fun and not much else. It does have a few weak points, worst being the sights.
The front post is terrible fragile, and I managed to break it the first time I tried to adjust it. So, necessity being the mother of invention, I took the opportunity to mount a weaver base. I just drilled a few holes in the top of the foregrip (right in the seam), tapped a piece of aluminum, and secured the weaver base to the aluminum thru the holes in the top of the foregrip. I had to remove the foregrip of course to put the piece of aluminum inside, contrary to the owners manuals suggestions. I'll try to get some pics up.
Anyway, on this weaver I install a 40mm red dot sight by BSA. To sight the gun you look thru the peep, and use the red dot as the top of your front post. You can leave both eyes open and use it like a reflex sight, or close your left eye, line up the peep and front sight's hood, and put the dot right in the center over your target to really get good groups. If you do this the gun will shoot 3" at 50 yards with Speer Gold Dot 124gr +P.
This was not its only problem though. The gun feeds great with round nosed (FMJ) ammo. The flat front on gold dots made them hang on the loading ramp when the gun was really dirty. I polished the ramp a little and it helped, but it still does it after 100 rounds or so. If you pull the charging handle, the nose of the bullet will come up and it will chamber when you let it go. But if you don't clean it, it will usually not go a magazine before it does it again. All you have to do is fold the gun in half, exposing the breech, and wipe it on your pants leg or hanky or something, and you are good to go for another 100 rounds or so.

Anyway, I'm new around here and trying to say hi on forums I think I'll frequent.

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Welcome to the G&G family!
And yep, the Sub2000 has been discussed (and cussed) a time or two. :cool:

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Welcome LG, you got 2 of the finest handguns in the world, many hate the glocks, but I only trust my life with it, my other handguns are for the range only, my daily carry is my G23.
I'll be getting a G26 some day, but for now I'm OK with the G23, lots of aftermarket parts as well as OEM.

What I really like about the Glocks is the simplicity in servicing them, nobody touches mine, all work is done by me and I'm not a gunsmith, I'm just a mechanical inclined guy who likes to tear things apart.
Reliability is the #1 attraction of the Glocks, allways goes bang unless the ammo is bad.
I only use quality factory ammo and my gun isn't modified in any way that can't be changed back to original specs within minutes.

Comming up is a session of shooting it under water (I allready have the needed parts for this, don't attempt this without proper parts and advise.)

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