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Discussion in 'Ruger' started by robertscheib, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Sold my "new model" .357 Blackhawk and bought a GP100 in .357 w/6" barrel - and am really pleased with it. Found the gun to be very accurate and much easier to hold/shoot than the cowboy style frame of the Blackhawks. Been shooting my own reloads [16.3 grns of W-296 w/ 158 grn JHP bullet] and get very tight groups - not unusual to get 3 or 4 rounds through one ragged hole on the 20 and 25 yrd targets. Will try the 50 yard lane next outing.
    Wondering what other folks experience with the GP100's have been?
  2. flyingbrkracing

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    I'll let you know as I just picked one up but haven't been to the range with it yet.

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  3. Good choice

    This gun has been in production for quite a while and has developed a real fan base.

    It is obviously delivering performance and reliability.

    Again, congrats on a good choice.
  4. Midas

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    I have had good luck with the GP-100, like all of Ruger's revolvers, it is built like a tank, and will provide of lifetime of service, can't go wrong with it at all.
  5. waterdog

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    Heard nothing but good, haven't shot one yet, my boss has a new one tho. I let him know I reload .38/.357 maybe he'll let me take her out for a run.
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    Old thread I know but no need to start another. I recently purchased the same pistol mentioned in the title. Does any one know how difficult it would be to replace the stock sights with something easier to see? I would like something good in low light shooting.
  7. BigEd63

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    I'm not sure about current ones but in the past I've seen tritium sights offered.

    It's also a shame Millet dropped their replacement iron sights. As those were very good.
  8. More GP100 trivia.....

    99z28monster -
    For a cheap quick fix try painting the front sight with flat white paint - made mine MUCH easier to see in low light.
    FWIW: Just finished installing a set of WOLFF springs to ease up dbl action trigger pull, and polished all contact surfaces in trigger/hammer assembly: what a difference!!! trigger is so much better. Range test tomorrow!
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    I'm looking at one, for sale, right now, that has this exact same grip. Has anybody compared this grip with the current Hogue "finger notch" grip found on all GP100s? I'm wondering if the "notched" Hogue grip is any "improvement" over the older grip (in the picture)
  10. neophyte

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    GP100 Ruger

    99z28monster: Sir; by and large the sights are easy to replace.
    On the front of your GP, a round looking thing:) press in with ?something? {I use pencil eraser} grasp sight, and out it comes:)

    schematics from Ruger
  11. flyingbrkracing

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    I've been to the range several time with mine now and I can see why so many people like these guns,I just love it.
    As for the grips I haven't tried the finger notch on the GP but my LGS had a Blackhawk with them and I liked the way it felt,but not enough of a difference to make me run out and get them.
    Just me.
  12. goat roper

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    I fell in love with the GP100 my son-in-law has with the older Lett grip, that has rosewood panels in the sides. But, when I went shopping for a GP of my own, I found out that they only come with the Hogue Monogrip now. Those notches are too close together for my hand. That grip is just not comfortable for me. I bought an old grip on ebay, because Midway was out of stock at the time, and Ruger wanted almost twice as much as Midway. I used that grip for a while, but eventually bought a new rubber part, and made custom panels out of hickory.

    So, 22plinker, make sure you like the way the Hogue grip fits your hand, before you think about changing from the Lett. I heard that Ruger went to the Hogue grip, because the Lett company went out of business. The owner retired. I think they did it, because it is cheaper. That makes more sense to me.

  13. Palladin8

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    The grip for the GP100 and the Super Redhawk are interchangeable so if you don't see one for the GP100 look for the Super Redhawk. I for one prefer the Tamer grips on my pistol because the .480Ruger has a bit more recoil than the .357 does.