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  1. tippmann7

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    its about time for a new gun and im stumped. my current collection is a charles daly 20gauge, savage 17HMR, stevens .410,(coming soon is a remington 597 .22) i want a gun that il use and wont just sit there (thats y i abandoned the .338 idea bcuz i wont use it that much) i was thinking about a .270 but i would have to go out of state to hunt deer with it (ohio sucks) or maybe a ruger mini 14 .223..any ideas?
  2. Fun gun

    My son and I really like my Rossi 20 gauge rifled slug gun.
    Great to shoot 3 liter plastic soft drink bottles filled with
    water and a touch of food coloring at 50 yards. Sounds like you could also use it on deer in your area.

  3. mitch_mckee

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    I'd stay away from the Ruger Mini.

    If you are just looking for a fun gun, I suggest a Marlin lever gun in .44 Mag or .45 LC. Fun to shoot, OK for deer withing range, can shoot on the short gun ranges, ammo readily available and easy to reload.

    Marlin Firearms: Model 1894 Centerfire Rifles : 1894

    Marlin Firearms: Lever Action Cowboy Rifles : 1894 45 Colt
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    a slug gun was another thing i was thinking about because i do alot of bow hunting with no results so far (always see big doe's with fawns but i dont shoot if theres a fawn present) and all my friends usualy get one during gun season. now my question is 12ga or 20ga?
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    like nathangdad said those single shot slug guns are pretty good. I had a rossi 20 also and it shot great. BUT i also had a mini 14 and i wish i still did it was so much fun to shoot and could be a great varmint gun, maybe not the most accurate but it gets it done.

    How much do you plan on spending on whatever you get??

    And yes, Ohio does suck when it comes to deer hunting. i want to use my 30-06 but i cant:(
  6. LiveToShoot

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    +1 on the Marlin lever gun suggestion in .44, it's a fun and useful hunting tool and plinking toy.

    My wife has grown fond of one and it's now her favorite plinker, and it's also my favorite addition to the 10/22.
  7. A 20 ga slug gun will be plenty have shot deer with great success I suggest the H&R Single Shot Heavy Barrel very accurate for a slug gun, shoots 3 inches at 100 3 shot group has a little kick but is a heavier gunthink it weighs 7 lbs? (too lazy to look it up) I have a mueller 3x9 on it good set up
  8. Lng Rng

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    Im not sure if he is 21, so a lever gun chambered in a handgun cartridge would not be useful for him right now. IMO, pistol cartridges are better for pistols, and are a tad light for rifles.

    Why not split the difference and get a 243? Good for varmints and out of state deer hunts. I like 20 gauges for slug hunting anyways, so would just use what you have.
  9. alaskamonte

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    Depression is coming, pretend yer Mormon and buy food and ammo.
  10. ^^^ one prob in ohio no centerfire rifles... go 20 ga
  11. Billyz

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    No rifles in Ohio. Even if they are pistol caliber. Get the 12 and you wont have to worry about not having a big enough gun.

    No rifles but you can use a pistol during regular firearms season.
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  12. but the 12 can be punishing especally in a slug gun... maby i am just partial to the 20 ga it is bigger than a .50 cal and they are good enough muzzleloaders for deer i think the 12 ga is a tad much for the extra recoil and price in ammo, plus I think the 20 shoots flatter and hits almost as hard.
  13. Billyz

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    Ive taken deer with both and the 20 is a lot less harsh. But you dont have to use 3 inch magnums in the 12 if you dont want to.
  14. point taken but if you choose the 2 3/4 the 20ga 3" really outshines the 12ga imo
  15. Hotled

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    Well ya cant use the Ruger mini 14 to hunt with there either so..hmm..

    I would stay very far away from a Ruger 14 unless you want to put some real upgrades to it, to make it accurate.
    You have a good plinker/varmint rig in the 17HMR,so thats covered, you have bird hunting covered with the shotgun.

    Now the real question is, what do you want to use it for?
    A slug gun will sit in the rack until deer season.
    Can you purchase a rifle in a pistol cartridge?

    I have more fun with my lever 44,357,45LC than I do with any guns I have ever owned. The 357 and 45lc are for range fun,and the 44 is for taking deer once in a while.
    I also have a few carbines in 9mm that are great to have some fun at the range.

    If you decide on a lever in a pistol cartridge look no further than Henry, best lever hands down.
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  16. Billyz

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    He can use a pistol cartridge in a pistol. Rifle is a no no. Makes no sense to me but I use a ruger super redhawk in .44 in Ohio.
  17. ok well what about a tc contender in 30-30? just the opposite...
  18. Hotled

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    I was referring to the rifle in a pistol cartridge for range work and general fun, not for hunting unless going out of state.
    Ohio evidently has the screwed up law Indiana used to have about rifles even in pistol cartridges.
  19. .280Rem

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    I'd move! That's crazy.
  20. ^ +1 that is a little out there but I live in MD and use a slug gun occaisonally, I think that it is more the fact that I CAN use a centerfire if I choose.... Hell move to WV there law on rifles for deer is this "as long as the round is centerfire" so you can legally use a 17 Fireball and 22 hornet... not saying you should but they are a little lax on rifles