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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by 350velocette, May 12, 2020.

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    Just posted this on the re-loading forum.
    New guy on the block here and wondered if anybody here loads for the 7mm/303 EPPS ?
    Have a new to me secondhand flat spring High Wall complete with RCBS dies
    Cannot find anybody on the web actually loading for this calibre so far who can make it easy for me although have had some good suggestions to try.
    Have loading data from P.O.Ackley's book for 7X57 Improved and have all the usual listed loads for the 25, 6mm and 270/303 using Australian ADI Powders which Hodgdon sell under their brand name but nothing for a 7mm
    Only bought this rifle because it was a quality custom job and very cheap.
    Apparently came in to NZ from Canada.
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    welcome sir from Leavenworth, Kansas. always nice to have another family member from "down under" I think our brother Dressround was feeling a tad lonely.
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    I don't know your level of reloading knowledge, so my advice might could get you into more trouble than help you out.

    use the heaviest bullet weight 270 data you have. [150gr would be perfect to get you started with 140-145gr in the 7mm]

    you have the extra bore volume to help you out with even lower pressures.
    you just need data for the bullet weight your looking to use.

    if you can only find 130gr. data for the 27 cal version cut it another 10% from the start load and work slowly from there with a 139-140gr bullet.

    you also have the option of just using 7 mauser data.
    LEE gives CC volumes in their book if the 7 mauser data and your 7 epps have nearly identical CC's you will have nearly identical pressures and speeds.

    some of the Data in the LEE book has already been derived from using this method.
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