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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by sapper, Apr 21, 2002.

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    Hi folks brand new to the page here, might be a dumb question but here goes. I have a M-1 C.A.I. When I load a clip I have to keep my hand on the charging handle to keep it from slamming on my fingers. I always see (in movies, saving private ryan, band of brothers ect.) the guys just push the clip in and the hit the charging handle and its ready to go, am I doing something wrong? thanks sapper
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    Ok,palm of hand facing the receiver with pinky side of hand on op rod handle. Thumb on top of clip,push down on clip with thumb,pivot hand down,when clip is seated,release your hand,bolt should go foward,sometimes you have to bump it a bit. What you have done is discovered M-1 thumb. Hurts don't it?

  3. sapper

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    thanks wes, didnt quite get M-1 finger, but it was close!!
  4. Stock Doc

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    Very common and probably means you're spring is strong and some other parts are worn a bit. Nothing bad. If the Clip holding the rounds is new it will have trmendous pressure and you will most probably have to push the rod closed. If the clip is worn a bit it will alow the first round to slip in easily and wammo you will have M1 thumb unless you do as WES explained. If you are doing it correctly the backside of you're hand between you're wrist and pinky will start to hurt after a bunch of clips. This is the best and smartest way. I have seen it shown in Military manuals and was taught and Camp Perry to do it as WES explained. Maybe I should do a photo set-up on it? Have fun,, Rick B