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    That's absolutely stunning.
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    Just picked up this type 90 japanese ww2 helmet totally complete rare to get these all together. Price goes about 600 hundred up scored for 150 dollars.i did restring liner used ww2 german original surplus liner string had to improvise at some point Lucky day. Got another arisaka type 38 full mum as well. As they say some days small days some big. Ill call this a big one. Hope you all are feeling well. Kevin 20200507_200405.jpg 20200507_192050.jpg 20200507_200214.jpg 20200507_215247.jpg 20200507_215656.jpg 20200507_215730.jpg 20200507_215751.jpg 20200507_200405.jpg
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    Any suggestions on rifle slight pitted and rust showed in pitting this only wall hanger figured wd 40 ?
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    Quite a collection you have. Thank you for sharing and welcome from Illinois.
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