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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by shootergirl, May 8, 2008.

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    hello everyone.
    i'm new here and i'll be moving to a new area in a couple months, too. i'm here to meet new people and make some friends in the area where i'll be living. i'm currently in san diego, but i'll be going to western university for vet school starting in august. i thought i'd see if i could find out where to shoot up there and make some friends before i actually get there.
    i love revolvers, but i'll shoot just about anything. being a poor student, i have a wish list longer than my arm but that'll have to wait until graduation.
    if anyone has any suggestions about places to go (shooting related and not) in the pomona/chino hills/upland area, feel free to let me know. i'm open to suggestions as this will be my first time moving away from home.
    thank you for reading and thank you in advance for any information you can provide.
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    Welcome to gunandgame.

    You might check out to help find some shooting spots in that area.

  3. Hello and welcome to the G&G forums shootergirl.
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    Welcome to the group, glad to have you aboard.
    Sorry, I can't help...I'm not in CA.
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    blah blah welcome blah
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    Welcome to G&G shooter girl. We have a great bunch of folks here. If you find one not so nice just ignore him. Maybe he's just having a bad day. Enjoy the site.
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    Welcome aboard G&G, and sorry, but can't help you with the area. Moved from SoCal years ago, and from Cal. altogether, two years ago. But you'll find some Ca. shooters on here! One that comes to mind would be Troy2000, who's from SoCal. He might be able to help with some info. Anyway, enjoy vet school, and have fun here on the forum.
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    Welcome to G&G and good luck on your search.
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    Welcome to the site!
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    hey there shooterG! Just joined myself and so glad yet another gal joined the forum! And a vet to boot! Seems like a lot of really great people here. I love vet sciences as I am a farmer and do the farm vet stuff myself (as all us old timers must!) and love it.
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    Welcome!! Glad you joined G&G. You'll find some good folks, info, and a bit of fun all on one site. Can't help with CA. but sure someone will come along. Good luck with school and your shooting arrangements. :)

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    Welcome to the site! Please feel free to join the women's social group.
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    glad you found us! have fun and ask any questions you have!
  14. Well, just thought I'd welcome you to Gun and Game. As for a place to shoot, I too am sorry that I'm unable to help. I know others have said that they're sure some one that would be able to help you will come along, and yet still no one has, so it may seem as if we're all just pulling your chain. lol I do have to agree with them though, there is a good bit of gunners here from CA, and I figure one atleast will eventualy creep out the wood work! Good luck, and enjoy the forums, there really is alot of great, helpful people here!
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  16. Welcome ! Since we are friends now maybe you can help me. I have a canary with a terrible cough. Do you think changing to a menthol cigarette would help.

  17. ACfixer

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    Hey girl, welcome and sort of sorry to hear you are moving to Pomona. I lived there for 2 years back around 1980 and I don't think it's got much better. Stay away from area around the police station at Mission & Park!

    Just be alert and aware of your surroundings, good advice in general anyway.

    As far as going shooting goes, there is an area off the 15 freeway about 20 miles from you called Lytle Creek where people go shooting. I could not recommend it less as it just seems dangerous to me when there are a lot of shooters around. Not everybody is a safe shooter right? In Upland there is a gun club (or was) that I used to shoot at from time to time. I think your handguns and .22 rifles are welcome there.
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    thanks everyone for all of your advice. i'm sure that eventually i'll find someone to shoot with and a place to go. if worse comes to worse, at least i've met a bunch of people to talk to online.
    funny you should mention farms girlgun, i'd love to go into large animal medicine when i graduate. perhaps i'll end up in your neck of the woods in a few years. if not large animal medicine, then i'd like to go into public health or government research. considering that a lot of the potential bio weapons are derived from large animal diseases, i think there will be work in this field for a long long time.

    in the meantime, i think i'll browse the forums. i suppose there's one here for wheelgunners, lol.
    here's to new friends and new adventures!!