new hex Izzy

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by Dallas rifleman, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Dallas rifleman

    Dallas rifleman G&G Newbie

    longer than expected almost didn't fit in the safe


    the brass is kind of faded or what ever

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  2. 338RUM

    338RUM G&G Evangelist

  3. Hope she shoots straight for you.
    Brass on the handguard? Laminate stock too.
    Now you have proof!
  4. Dallas rifleman

    Dallas rifleman G&G Newbie

    i checked out the barrel no rust or damage of any kind it should shoot straight :headbang:
  5. Iron_Colonel

    Iron_Colonel G&G Enthusiast

    Are those brass end caps on the handguard? Hard to see in the lighting. But it does look like there is some old dried up cosmolene on there anyways. Nice lammy stock, looks like it ought to make a good shooter. Let us know!
  6. dman24

    dman24 G&G Newbie

    It's always nice to get a new rifle, much less your first MN. When I get my MN out or put it up I have to put in the top to get it to fit and take it out bottom first. Maybe we should make a special Mosin friendly safe.
  7. Mosaka

    Mosaka G&G Newbie

    That's a sweet lookin lammy hex you got there. It looks like some shellac on the end caps, When they refurbed these they weren't too particular about slathering the sheelac all over any metal that got in the way.
  8. Paul T

    Paul T G&G Newbie

    That looks like some old laquer on that brass. R you going to buff it a little? I sure like that lammy stock.
  9. YugoCrazy

    YugoCrazy G&G Newbie

    Its Not brass...Its Steel With Commie Shellac On Them..
  10. Paul T

    Paul T G&G Newbie

  11. YugoCrazy

    YugoCrazy G&G Newbie

    Its okay :smashfreakB:
  12. jlb783

    jlb783 G&G Regular

    Hmm, looks like brass to me. :dunno:
  13. YugoCrazy

    YugoCrazy G&G Newbie

    Look Around The Edges At The Top..Its Silver..STEEL The Yellow Shellac Is Making The Steel Look Like Brass
  14. Link23

    Link23 G&G Newbie

    it dont matter what it looks like, its perdy
  15. SwedeSteve

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  16. texnmidwest

    texnmidwest Sir Loin of Beef Forum Contributor

    Now we need to hear whether it shoots as good as it looks!
  17. Chris61289

    Chris61289 G&G Enthusiast

    Very nice 91/30 you got there.

    I need to get a lammy M44 to cure my MN addiction
  18. flyingbrkracing

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  19. Iron_Colonel

    Iron_Colonel G&G Enthusiast

    Sorry Chris, RW fans can't own Mosins :D:D:D
  20. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist

    Nyah Nyah, I have one and you can't have it!