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    Well, after MANY hours of review reading on the PUMA 1911-22, the Ruger 2245, the S&W 22a, the Browning buck mark, the Taurus PT22, the Beretta 21, and the Phoenix HP22, I had narrowed it down to the 3 that I made a poll on.

    So I went to our new local gun shop last night to go get the Ruger & to look at the PUMA just for the heck of it, and low & behold in the gun case was a new Austrian Arms ISSC M22 (Glock clone) with the 5.5" ported barell.
    It was $59.00 over my max budjet, but the second I picked it up I was immediately in love. (Being a Glock fan, that came natural)
    So, budjet be danged, it came home with me! :D

    Only got to put 50 rds of CCI Stingers through it. Probabaly was not a good idea, but I shot it before I even cleaned out the initial factory gunk it was packed in. ( Since then it has been cleaned VERY well & lubed with Remoil w. Teflon additive)
    I had 1 falure to fire, and it was no fault of the gun, as the rim had a very good fire pin impression in it. Still odd though. I think that out of the last 500 rounds of CCI I have fired, this is the FIRST CCI that has failed to fire from a solid pin hit. Oh well, goes to show that no ammo made, reguardless of brand, is exactly 100% reliable. 99.999998% maybe! lol.

    I plan to put over 800 rounds through it this weekend. That is, if my fingers can survive! :wink1:

    Will post a follow up.
  2. Hope its a good gun for ya :D You sound like you like it pretty good. Im sure after you get to put 500 through it you will really get to know it better.

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    Well, yesterday turned out busier than I had planned, and only got 300 rounds in.
    I had no failures of any kind with the 50 CCI’s (no surprise), I then switched to the Remington Yellow Jackets. I had fully expected multiple feed failures, but all 30 fed great. However, I had 3 of the 30 that absolutely refused to fire. I then tried 10 rounds of Federal Champion. 6 of the 10 did not cycle the slide.
    Went back to the good ‘ol Federal 550 bulk pack, and of the 260 rounds I fired, I had 6 failures. 3 would not fire, 1 stovepipe, and 2 fired & ejected, but the slide did not move back far enough to pick up a fresh round. Still, for a cheap plinking / practice round,
    97.5% success rate is acceptable to me.

    But still, on the next outing I will be trying a box of CCI's BLAZER ammo. From what I have read, it is as reliable in semi auto pistols as the Mini-Mags, but priced almost the same as the Federal 550rd. Bulkpack.
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    CCI Blazer is all I use in my .22's...always been great ammo.