Mossberg New JIC Mossberg Crusier

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    I made a tube for an old rifle and some supplies and place it in "a safe place" for JIC. Very water tight and you would be supriesed at what all you can stuff in one.

  3. it never hurts to be prepared. The JIC is what every body needs just in case.
  4. They've been out for a while now. Neat little packages and shotgun though. Not bad for the price either...In fact, if you check out Mossberg's website, this one here,
    O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. - Firearms, Shotguns, Rifles, Accessories, and Precision Machining

    If you scroll using the arrows, they have a two other versions, the mariner and sandstorm. Also, if you search Online Gun Auction you just might find it for a bit less, even after shipping and transfer fees. Think I've seen them for like $249.00 when certain sellers have run a "sale"? It sure don't hurt to shop around, for anything for that matter?
  5. You want to see a neat shotgun find a GA state trooper and get him to show you one of the 14" barreled pumps some of them carry. Some of our locals carry them too. One of them realized they could carry sawed offs on duty and thats all it took.