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Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by Sober, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. Sober

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    Alright Guys said I'd post pics when I finished Refinishing my Mosin so here they are....oh and the first pic is it in its original state and that was the best pic I had for that so I used it

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  2. Iron_Colonel

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    I like it! Looks great. What are the specs on it?

  3. Sober

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    I used Citristrip to get all that old stuff off. Then i used Minwax Red Mahogany and applied a liberal coat. Then Steel wooled it then applied more stain then steel wooled it, then more stain, then steel wool, then more stain then steel wool Gave it a very Unique look. I used Black Krylon Industrial Rust Tough on the EndCaps. Finally I used DEFT Clear Wood Finish Semi Gloss In the Spray can and applied 2 nice coats so now when its in the sunlight it has this Red/Brown Glow its pretty cool.
  4. that came out awesome! a very interesting look! gonna have to try the same on one of mine.
  5. Very nice, kinda resembles the inlay on the old Camaro.
  6. Looks great, bet it looks good out in the sunlight too.
  7. I like it. A re-finishing job that truly enhanced the character of the stock without making it seem too new for what the stock holds!

    A7XFREAK G&G Newbie

    That makes me wonder what it would look like if you did that with say three colors of stain. Or even just two, maybe give it a layered multi color look if possible.
  9. don't think that would work the way you're hoping it would.
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  11. Sober

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    Thanks Everybody it only took me A WEEK lol 000 steelwool works wonders if you use it correctly. @A7 with my experience in staining house decks and such for my father when you try to layer stain it looks TERRIBLE. Stain isn't like paint stain penetrates so if you try to layer it all you do is restain your old stain and give it an off color from what your working with. I get the concept of what your thinking though And that would look pretty kewl but it wont work with an oil based stain or any stain for that matter. But like I said that would be pretty darn kewl if you could do something like that.
  12. a week sounds about right. i had an indian enfield that took three. that stock needed lots of filler though. good things take time!
  13. .22guy

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    Looks nice! Thanks for sharing!