New M38 at gunshow today

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    Well I found one. Well, two to be exact but the first one I found, the numbers weren't matching, and told him if I didn't find another one I would come back for it. I only found 2 M38s in the whole place. The bore of the first one wasn't counterbored, but the second one I found, was to be all matching and counterbored. I was able to talk the guy down from $150 to $135. He didn't know jack about it, so he's just like, "Well you tell me" because his tag on it said it was a Mosin 1932. So I had to tell him what it was. The import mark says M1938 Russian 7.62 x 54R. I think he could read English... But I digress now.

    Anyways, I looked it over pretty well while I was there (Or thought I did). The lighting wasn't all that great, because it wasn't until I took it all apart I discovered 2 stock repairs. They can both be almost seen in the pic where the muzzle is pointing to the left. At the very front of the bottom stock piece nearest the muzzle, it begins about a half inch to the right of the barrel ring, and is about a half inch in diameter, and ends at the fore end of the stock closest to the muzzle. The other is located about where the recess begins in the top of the receiver in the pic, (about an inch and a half behind the recoil lug in the stock) and is about a half inch in diameter also, and ends at the end of the bolt. I thought it was a scratch in the stock on both occasions because I saw where the repair met the original stock in vertical alignment, but after I got it home I discovered what it was. It was done pretty well since I missed it upon initial inspection. Live and learn I guess, this is the first Mosin I have that has stock repairs, or stock repairs that I know of ;)

    The bore looks pretty good. Counterbored. The guy had a bore light so I inspected the bore, and he let me play the action, which is really nice and crisp. The trigger pull isn't too bad either. Not a lot of marring or deep gouges really in the stock either, it looks pretty straight. The stock appears to be a correct M38 stock. There doesn't appear to be any repairs to make it an M38 stock either. It is an Izhevsk Arsenal piece, dated 1943. I shot 3 rounds off the back deck today, and it shot just fine. Whoever had it took pretty good care of it because there wasn't a lot of cosmoline on the bolt, in the receiver, hidden by the stock on the barrel and trigger assembly, etc... I am quite pleased with my new acquisition.

    So guys, was $135 a good deal for this? I forgot to mention to the guy it was counterbored, hoping to get a better deal out of him. Was thinking I should have exploited his lack of knowledge of the rifle. Its his own fault if he didn't research this gun before he sold it. But I forgot to. Owell. But I wouldn't do that to you guys, you guys would probly do it to me:09: I am still learning.

    And my tin of ammo was $80, and no tax either for 440 rds(YAY). And I also picked up 200 rds of AK ammo for my AK for $45. I only had $120 cash, so the guy let me have it anyways. What a deal! Figured I would try to stock up here and there for the Red Dawn scenario whenever that happens:stooges: I Just thought I'd put an AK round in the pic to see how much bigger the 7.62x54 is than the 7.62x39 is. I've got probly about 840 rds of 7.62x54R and probly about 800 rds of 7.62x39 for my AK. So I ought to be good for a while anyways.

    But for those people that aren't familiar with either, the 7.62x54R is not to be shot out of an AK-47 (it probly wouldn't fit in the barrel, and the rimmed case wouldn't fit in the bolt) and the 7.62x39 can't be safely fired from a Mosin (and probly wouldn't fire anyways) just so there is no confusion I just put them both in the pic for a size comparison :) The longer one is the one that shoots out of the rifle pictured. The small one fits the AK

    First pic, can see relative areas of stock repairs:


    Second pic:

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    I.O. has them on sale for 89.95 I believe + shipping that is with m44 stock and the price goes up for different stocks there were 3 different stocks used

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    I wouldn't be ashamed of that deal at all. Especially if the guy had cleaned all the cosmo out of it!
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    If you missed the stock repairs the first time around, then I must assume they were done well. I think some repairs add to the rifle, rather than detract! Looks as if you had a good day of shopping! Congrats!
  5. nice looking rifle. gonna have to pick one of those up soon.
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    Yeah, the extra time spent cleaning up the cosmo more than makes up for the price charged.
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    The only place I found any cosmo was when I took off the buttplate, there was a little bit right around the top where it meets the stock. But none on the metal anywhere that I saw. I think the guy I bought it from got it from someone else. He said he never did anything with it, but whatever. Its mine now. I will enjoy it as it should be enjoyed. So now I have to go shoot it.
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    Let us know how she does!
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    Nice deal.

    You got to handle it, examine it, it was cleaned when you first touched it, and with FFL charges and shipping, you got it for just a little under what a sight-unseen rifle would cost.

    Works for me.

    Hope it shoots as well as it should.:eek:uttahere:

    Nice work on the ammo, as well. Every time I think of other rifles, I remember that getting more milsurp ammo for the ones I HAVE makes much more sense, because it is not getting any less expensive.
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    nice i dont think you payed to mych eather, i paid just a bit under what you did and mine has a m44 stock. and my m38 is my favorite mosin i own for sure and is easly in the top 2 of my favorite guns i own. i hope you like yours as much as i like mine!
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    Yes tell us how it shoots!!
    BTW I paid 150 for mine so you did well:)