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    are they gonna replace the saw. i know the old m60's would melt down barrels after a few hundred rounds but look at this baby she fire almost a 1000 rounds and didn't even flinch. plus it's shorter . kinda like a cross between a saw and a old m60. but this one has the punch of the 7.62 rather than the 5.56 round. so what you guys think??[ame=]M60-850-rounds M60 M60E4 850 rounds rds M-60-E4[/ame]
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    M60's are great !! They will really pour it out and keep going!


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    Prob could fry and 1" steak on that barrel quick.
  4. Who made the CAR-60 back in the eighties. I remember it was a shorter and more durable version.
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    i bet so lol
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    How much do they want for that beast in lots of 100; and how fast can they get them to our troops in the field to replace the 5.56 NATO SAWs?
  7. tommy

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    i don't know but that 7.62 round will do alot more damage than that little 5.56. just think they could let loose with a m60e4 and punch right through them little walls rather than kick in the doors . thats a safer gun.

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    Guys, they have the 243golf, which is an updated version of the old M-60, and lighter. The M-60 could definitely melt barrels, which is why a gunner and his team had to go to school, to learn how to operate the system. That was why two barrels were always sent into the field with the gun, so they could be changed out and allowed to cool. Once you learned it's limitations, you could keep it talking, and keep the field clear in front of you, and you usually had two guns working in a crossfire, in order to keep your area of responsibility clear of the enemy. They were great machineguns, but heavy as heck to carry. I carried one for three and a half years, and cussed it every time I had to tote it naywhere. With a 100 round belt in an assault pouch, the thing weighed 28 pounds, and we didn't have the luxury of padded straps, back then. It'll be nice to see our troops get a good gun that they can carry in the field, without being so weighed down. But the rest of the team will still have to carry enough extra ammo to keep it talking!!
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    Where can I sign up to be a tester?
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    I remember the old m-60's from the 70's once you got them hot you could take your finger off the trigger and they would shoot till empty.
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    +1 no kidding!!
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    well the got the MK. 46 and MK.48s now short versions of the SAW in 556 and 762 respectively
  13. when i clicked i drew a blank page.
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    ...just in case you need to dig a trench without breaking a sweat.
  15. tommy

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    talk about keepin some heads you could just eat away at anything with that gun.
  16. FS00008

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    I love it! I need one :-D
  17. I doubt the military will replace the SAW... believe it or not, but it is a pretty capable platform in the open. Even in urban settings, its' rate of fire is incredible and will make your enemy duck real quick until an M240 can get on target and eat through their cover. I would love to see a resurgence of the M-60 ... even a newer, modified version with this barrel capability. They were old and breaking... but preventative maintenance is the key. Most of us who fired that 60 remember it's sound well... and the enemies never wanted to hear it for a reason.

    I would not be surprised to see more potent rounds tested and fielded and less 5.56. The M4 is a very capable platform and would be even more capable with a higher caliber.
  18. Pred

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    Great.. something else to drive up the price of .308...
  19. ... if the U.S. hadn't cut back on the number of U.S. Arsenals , there would not be such a run on the cost of small arms ammunition, IMHO.

    Maybe this is the proof in the pudding to get the U.S. to reopen some of the arsenals... but the U.N. will probably argue against it, the anti-gunners will cry foul and the anti-gun, pro-U.N. politicians will vote against it.
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    The M60s are nice.That was my assigned weapon in the army.After a couple hundred you had to change the barrel out.Gloves are a must.It can really spray out lead.It would sometimes start little fires down range if it was dry.I wish I could own one now.