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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by slaughterhouse, May 15, 2008.

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    Hi Its been a while since i have been here but I looking to see if any one has used or owned the new marlin bolt action rifles I think the model number is xl7c it is a 25-06 with the camo stock I was thinking about getting one because I know marlin rifles are among the best but i wanted a little info on them if any one can help it would be appreciated. thanks
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    I don't own own one, but have read several tests of it and all gave it excellent ratings. From all I've read and heard, it's the cream of the entry-level bolt rifles, having been finished much better than others from Stevens, Remington and Mossberg. It has a new trigger similar to the Savage accu-trigger and the action and barrel attatchment is, to my eye, more attractive than a 110's.

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    I agree with Mr. turner. It gets really good reviews and I've never heard of a bad Marlin gun (my folks own a couple).
    Just a thought. Marlin is being bought by Remington, and a fellow I know who used to be a representative for Rem is wondering if it's not Remington's doing. But it still looks good to me! I'm actually considering purchasing one.
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    They did a review on them in the new Field and Stream and they will shoot Sub-MOA out of the Box! and for $300 at that. I think im going to buy one in 30-06 or .270 if i pull a moose permit this year.
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    I just finished reading that article, myself! It was BY FAR the highest rated reasonably priced rifle, coming in just a bit behind the Savage model 14 which is about double the low price of the Marlin. I was truly impressed! If they come out with a walnut or laminate stocked version, I doubt I'll be able to control myself any longer.
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    Kind of a nit-picky question, but does anyone know what the forearm cross section is shaped like? I looked at the Stevens 200 and it had a square shape which was not comfortable. I'm hoping the Marlin might have a round shape.

    Dick M.
  7. OutDoor Life Magazine tested it and the accuratcy was outstanding with there test gun.


    :burnout:i have heard nothing but good things about this rifle... and ya cant beat the price:burnout: