New mauser 98/22 bought at show

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    Picked up a M 98/22 8x57 chec mauser BRNO. Im not sure if it was manufactured for persia as it has what looks like arabic writing on rear sight. Pics are not real clear. Looks as if it wasnt fired. The bore is excellent. I paid $149 at a local gun show at the fairgrounds. I have another one identical to it but dont know alot about these models in particular.

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  2. I have two 98/22 Mausers. I really like them, they are very accurate! I think you did well on the price, I just don't see many of them for sale these days.

    The numbers on your sight ladder were done for the Turks, who ended up with most of these when the Czechs equipped themselves with the VZ24 short rifle. My murky understanding of these 98/22's is that some of them will have a Czech acceptance mark on the left of the receiver - the letter "E" then a small lion then a number. One of mine is marked "E -lion - 23" which I believe means Czech acceptance in 1923.

    There are two versions of the BRNO receiver markings, one where the words are in a curve and one where they are straight, as yours looks to be. All I know about that is the curved version is said to be earlier but I don't know when the change was made.

    As far as it being Persian, sorry, that's just not the case. Both rifles were made at Brno but they have very different markings.

    First picture is of a "Turked" 98/22 sight ladder. Second is of a Persian 98/29 sight ladder, third is a Persian crest. There is no mistaking the differences.

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    Nice deal at $149!
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    Looks great rando, i'll have to read up on 98/22 but its 8x57 and that would fill my Mauser Spot, or 7mm,or 6.5 LOL.
    And what ah price!!
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