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  1. Hello, I just found this forum and found it to be very interesting.
    I'm wanting to shoot cast bullets with both black and smokeless powders.
    Paper patching and bullet lube have me somewhat confussed.
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    Welcome to G&G from Alaska.
    Canadian Eh? Lol

  3. Could we make that" Western Canadian" please?
  4. Welcome from Ohio, “the Buckeye State”
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    That's a BIG 10-4! Welcome.

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    Welcome from Texas South Coast.
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    western Canada is umm different than French Canada.

    I can help with much of the lube and paper patch stuff.
    both smokeless and black powder.
    they are two separate and distinct systems.
    I know a few guys that deal with both [separately] in a bit more detail than I can.
    a little light reading here will maybe help.
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  9. Thank you to all for your greetings!
    I have cast bullets for my 308, 43 mauser,577 Snider and for my .577/450 Enfields.
    The 308 I lubed and sized with gas checks and used smokeless powder the 43 mauser I just lubed with Alox and usedPyrodex the Snider and Enfield I paper patched and used FFG black powder.
    Now I want to shoot cast bullets not sized and tummble lubed out of some older Lee Enfield 303 british . I don't want to lead up the bore and if I size my cast (311 ) they will be .309 whichis too small for the enfields.
    30 cal is kind of small for these old fingers to roll a paper patch around.
    I am hopping to pick up pointers and reliable information from this site.
    I am more of a lurker than an active participant.
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    Welcome to Gun & Game. We discuss all sorts of things here and go down many rabbiit holes...
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    Sask Jack: Sir; Welcome from NC
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    welcome from the tropical part of Fla.
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  14. Welcome from North Carolina!
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    Welcome from NW Arkansas!
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    Welcome from Minnesota!
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    Welcome from Alaska!
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    311 might not even be big enough for that Enfield depending on what barrel it has and it's condition.[there were some made with 308 barrels]
    313-314 without seeing it or doing any measuring is more where I'd be advising you start.
    NOE [night owl enterprises] has a mold numbered 316299 that would be a good one to look at.
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    Welcome. Like minds here. I cast .357, .429, .308,.452, and .458, plus round balls .30, .33, ,36., ,433, .454., .50, and 3/4 and 1 ounce slugs. I shoot a lot of lot of slow loads often using pistol powders and they are a blast (yep). I do not list actual loads much but will give an example. For the 45-70 I use a 340 grain Lee mold in front of 14.9 grains of Unique pistol/shotgun powder. I get a wimpy little load at about 1,150-1,200 fps that any kid can shoot. I load that same gun to 1,800 fps with 350 grain jacketed and it runs out of fun shortly.

    I am also interested in loading the .303 with cast as well, both with my 113 grain and my 180 grain molds. I have tried the same load of Unique in a 30-30 with a 113. grain gas checked and it went over 2,000 fps,way too hot and way too fast. SO what I am trying now is the powder coating of bullets instead of the Alox. We shall see how it works.

    Welcome and you will learn some interesting stuff here. I am a lurker too, you learn more that way.
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