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I have allot of old guns that I want to learn about.... Now I want to go out and look around a bit...Thanks for letting me join...
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Welcome from Ohio
Welcome from Leavenworth, Kansas.
Old guns have the most character! Howdy from Texas!!
welcome from Virginia
waretrop: Sir; Welcome from NC
Welcome from MN.
welcome from Fla. you came to the right place for info on old guns!
is that your tortoise in the avatar picture?
Welcome from the Texas Panhandle.
Welcome! You've come to the right place to find out about your old guns.
Welcome! Anxious to see what you have. Like the craftsmanship of the old stuff.
Welcome from the Pacific Northwest, Washington state, the wet side!
Welcome from SW Ohio - between Dayton and Xenia. Have fun learning about your firearms.
Welcome to G&G from Alaska!
Old guns have soul and they tell the best stories if you know how to listen. Wood has a warmth that plastic cannot provide. Welcome from the deer capital of NY.
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Glad to have you with us.
Welcome from Florida and I love old guns too.

Not a single AR or AK in my safe.
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We love old guns here, welcome from the volunteer state. (y)

Not a single AR or AK in my safe.
Not a single AR or AK in my old gun safe either. :p I own 'em but they have the same place in my heart as my chainsaw... and my Glocks for that matter. Tools without soul.
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