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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Iron_Colonel, May 17, 2008.

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    There is a gun show this weekend in Puyallup and I would like to look for a Mosin M38. I have an M44. I was wondering what the main differences between the two are. I know the M44 has a bayonet. I suppose that is pretty obvious:)

    But other than that, should a true M38 carbine have a straight stock with no cut out for a bayonet? And should it be assumed that if there is in fact a cutout on the right side of the stock, that means the stock would have originally been for an M44? Those are the most obvious differences I can see based on some pictures of an M44 and M38 I looked at via google images. Plus my own experience with my M44.

    And as far as M44s go, I think it has a laminated stock on it. But I'm not 100% sure. It is kind of wearing in some spots. Heres a pic of it. I think I might name it "Любовь" for "love". I met a friend who had that name when I was in St. Petersburg. Я люблю мою винтовку <3 So if you guys can tell in that pic whether or not its laminated, or else different finishes that were put on them. From what I can tell, its an all numbers matching gun, 1946г Izhevsk arsenal. Nice bluing still left on it. I have never done anything to the stock on this one, except for straightening my slightly bent front post. I think that did the trick its a tack driver. The bore is near immaculate and thats no understatement. Nice pronounced strong rifling with edges that can be seen.

    Then what type of price range, I guess kinda from a mis-matched M38 to a nice matching one with good finish, etc.....and what arsenals are more desirable or more rare than others? I'll keep my eye out, I'd really like to pick one up to have a trifecta of Mosins.

    My M44:

  2. SwedeSteve

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    M38's came in different stock derivations. Usually the M38 stock without the bayonet cut out is preferable. Many, many M38's left the arsenal in M44 stocks.

    Your pic is too dark for these old eyes to tell if that is a laminate or not. One quick way to tell is to remove the butt plate.

  3. Iron_Colonel

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    Yes, that I can do. So then what should I look for when I do?
  4. SwedeSteve

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    The layers of laminate will be more obvious
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    Also, if you are at a show and can not remove the butt plate then look at the top of the stock right in front of the butt plate. You should be able to see the layers as well.

    RGRWJB Guest

    Hello Iron Col.

    It looks like we are from the same neck of the woods!
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    Kind of funny. My Dad was born in Sumner, and lived in Puyallup as well!
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    Well just returned from Puyallup, and 1 M38 Mosin richer. Appears to be all #s matching. Gonna check behind the buttplate. The only thing is its been counterbored. I'm not too worried about that. It should still shoot well. And it has a correct M38 stock.

    But the guy I bought it from didn't know anything about it. It was his own gun, but didn't know anything about it. Then I walked over to another guy's table and he asked me how much I bought it for, and why I didn't buy from him because his was lower. I said its not the same. He said yea it is. I said no, yours is an M44, mine is an M38. He said whats the difference.....Well you see where this is going. Kinda surprised at the lack of knowledge, but I guess everyone has their own niches I suppose.

    Pics coming soon too:D
  9. SwedeSteve

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    Congrats on the purchase! Counterbore is not an issue. I think it is safe to say that if it is counterbored, it needed it, and probably added to the accuracy of the rifle. A lot of the carbines were initally counterbored because of muzzle erosion from burning/unburnt powders. Add to this crown damage by cleaning rods and you begin to get my point! Again, congrats on the new rifle!
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    Guess I'm the odd man out, living "way up" in Edmonds; 45 minutes North of them. :09:
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    I'm a little more than 45 minutes North of you!
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    And I am about 30 hrs south of you and am I glad LOL:kiss: