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New Mosin Nagant Project Rifle

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by SynthMusician, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. SynthMusician

    SynthMusician G&G Regular

    Well it's been a while since I posted here so I thought I'd give ya a sneak peak at what I've been up too. The stock is from Bluegrass Stocks out of Kentucky he's got some great stuff very reasonable.
    This one is his tactical style and believe me it's really comfortable to shoulder. This one is a custom I had made for me cut out of curly maple. He also has a very nice Thumb hole stock that will find a home in my collection someday. Max Shepard did the bolt with a PT&D knob. A Hawke Optics scope sits atop a La Rue Tactical mount. Teludyne Tech Straight Jacket on the barrel. Tomorrow her Timney Trigger gets here so it's a simple drop in since the stock is pre cut for it. Then after bedding the action it's a trip to the range later this week. Well hope you like it.


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  2. grizcty

    grizcty God, Guns, Glory


    Good to see you back.

    That rifle sure has some pretty wood on her.
    I guess you will have to call this one, The Redneck Russian!
  3. SynthMusician

    SynthMusician G&G Regular

    Well I guess your the only one who is Griz..
  4. dothedrew57

    dothedrew57 G&G Evangelist

    Mark it's good to see you my friend. How have you,been doing
  5. jmp8927

    jmp8927 G&G Evangelist

    That is a very pretty rifle. What kind of barrel is on there?
  6. caopai

    caopai G&G Addict

    Looks like one of those heavy barrels that was (still are?) floating around off old machine guns. Forgot the alpha-numerical designation.
  7. BigCaneSwift

    BigCaneSwift G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Only accurate rifles are interesting how does she group ? range report please.
  8. sporter

    sporter G&G Newbie

    very nice build would like to find some one in my area to in stall the uk 59barrel on my receiver.
  9. tobnpr

    tobnpr G&G Enthusiast

    Re-read his OP...
    It's the original barrel, with a jacket system. It's not a MG barrel...
  10. ChaZam

    ChaZam G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Hi Mark.

    Nice looking piece of maple there sir.
  11. jmeck

    jmeck Scope mount mfgr. Forum Contributor

    Hey Mark, Nice rifle. How is the scope mount mouned to the rifle?
    Is that made by someone for a Mosin or is it adapted?
  12. caopai

    caopai G&G Addict

    Says it is a LaRue tactical.

    I just bought a pretty accurate M44 someone took the liberty of lopping the bayonet off of...I might have to look into doing something similar to this. How much did the straight jacket cost, and how noticeable was the increase in accuracy?
  13. SynthMusician

    SynthMusician G&G Regular

    Hey Jmeck:
    OK here is what the mount involves, the barrel is 1.25 inches in diameter it just so happens that is the same diameter as a shotgun picatinny rail. That is mounted on the barrel and receiver. Then sitting on that is a LaRue Tactical SPR-E LT139 offset mount, it has been flipped backwards it now give the scope the exact eye relief I need. It's an awesome setup that is rock solid.

  14. SynthMusician

    SynthMusician G&G Regular

    This one is not ready to fire yet, I bought the barreled action and I've basically built it from the ground up. The Timney trigger arrived yesterday and I installed that and have done a little clean up work on the stock. I still need to head space the bolt and bed the action before she makes her debut at the range.

    That being said, I have 2 other Mosins fitted with the Straight Jacket one is 26 inches the other is 24 inches and this one is 22 inches the 26 and 24 will shoot dime size groups all day.
  15. frenchy

    frenchy G&G Enthusiast Forum Contributor

    Beautiful rifle Mark!! Good ta "see ya" :)!
    One day i want to rebarrel my first Mosin Carol gave me for Christmas 2008, gotta remember the Teludyne system,
  16. tobnpr

    tobnpr G&G Enthusiast

    Why, did you change the bolthead since the work was done?
  17. SynthMusician

    SynthMusician G&G Regular

    Well because when I bought this rifle it was only the barrel and receiver. The original owner decided to use the parts off of this rifle for another more radical modded rifle.

    As a result I've been buying high quality parts and rebuilding this rifle better than it was to start. I had some parts but not all for another bolt. The bolt head is critical and I had to buy 4 before I found one that worked. But it has not been officially head spaced with a gauge so I'm not going to take a chance until I know it's correct.

  18. tobnpr

    tobnpr G&G Enthusiast

    True. I always use my PTG no-go gauge before firing any Mosin I acquire.
    A quick and dirty "probably will work" can be done with cellophane tape on the back of the rim.

    The no-go rim thickness is .065
    The spec is .063

    A piece of cellophane package tape is usually about .001 thick, a couple pieces on the rim, and you should feel resistance when the bolt is about half-closed.
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