Mossberg New Mossberg 817 .17HMR

Discussion in 'Mossberg' started by dhermesc, Aug 24, 2010.

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    Bought it last week and mounted a cheap Simmons World Class 3X9X40 scope on it that I had laying around and started sighting it in last night. Seems like a decent little rifle. I bought the stainless with a synthetic stock from Dicks SPorting Goods for $177. Nice trigger but the magazine is finicky about how you shove it in unless you have the bolt open when doing so.

    At about 90' I could get 3 shot patterns that I could cover with a nickle but I was still "walking" it across the target while adjusting the scope (1/4 inch click at 100 yards is a little different at 90'). My first .17 rifle and I learned none of my cleaning rods even fit down the barrel. Three "gun" shops later I still don't have a cleaning kit. I guess its off to Wal-Mart.
  2. .17s are fun little guns. I almost got one but up here theres no real need for one really. I have a .22lr and it works fine for Rabbit hunting so I couldnt bring my self to do it. But if i didnt have a .22lr already I would have gotten one lol. A buddy of mine down in texas had one and was an accurate little rifle. Only thing i noticed about it was wind would affect its accuracy. He had a Savage though, not a mossberg.

  3. Get a quality cleaning rod for it! The cheapies they sell at Wal Mart will likely have the threads strip out when you're using a brush on it. Here's what I have and love. 30752 - .17 to .20 Caliber Rifle 30" Cleaning Rod Coatetd
    Only downside is that you have to buy the handle separately, but I have a Hoppes cleaning rod for each caliber set I have, so it turned out cheaper in the long run for me.

    Oh, and a sighting in tip..... if you zero at 50 yards, it's zeroed at 100 yards as well (within a fraction of an inch anyway). Its cool the trajectory turned out that way. Low at 25 yards, on at 50, high at 75 and on at 100 yards again.