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New Nagant

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Well, the Nagant bug bit again. I took my New England Firearms 20guage single shot shotgun and the old Polish Nagant (the one with the crooked sight) and traded for a M39.

The barrel was made in 1941, but the receiver from the M91 reads "1900r" on the tang. Smooth trigger pull. My favorite thing about it is the stock, its painted (i think thats paint?) a silky smooth feeling black. Brand New Bore pretty much too! All and all since I had $120 in my other two guns and he wanted $150 for this one I think I did good, what do y'all think?
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two more things, anyone know what the "75" near the muzzle means? and my friend is arguing with me again that it isnt safe to shoot normal ammo in the finnish "D" marked barrels..... tell me it is so I can prove him wrong...again. :)
You're right, he's wrong "d" means the chamber is designed for the modern verson of 7.62x54r.

btw, all Finns are built for modern smokeless powders, if in good condition.
Sounds like a smokepole delux to me
Should make quite an impact on your friend when it outshoots his rifle.....
I had one of those unissued M39s from Finland at it was absolutely amazing!
i just shot my M39 for the second time. Aimed at a tennis ball give or take 50 yards away, and heavy wind. 1st shot the ball (or what was left of it) flew like 10 ft in the air. I LOVE this thing! To me the black stock makes the rifle :)
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