New Paint Job

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  1. I painted in the safety selector grooves on my Bushmaster, and Bang arms receivers. I used a flat model paint.




  2. looks good , glad to see you stayed in the lines :)

  3. Seven©

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    How do you stay in the lines? Just asking.

    Some of the things rondog has done with 1911's and crayons is amazing.
  4. I used a small paint brush, and then I wiped over the lettering with a rag and the paint thinner that comes with the model paint. The grooves were deep enough to hold the paint. The pics are from before the final wipe, all of the excess paint is gone now.
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    Looks good. :biggthumpup:
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    not a bad idea. shows others that you are for sure on safe. you should know your weapon well enough to know when it is on safe, but a great safety measure for tothers. looks awesome man
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    Man, that "A" is just asking for trouble from an LEO that doesn't know better... :ugh:

    Most folk can't tell the difference between full-auto and semi-auto from just looking at it and that sure doesn't help. I just hope you don't have to explain it to a judge after being arrested for having a Class III weapon without a tax stamp. :sad:
  8. My thoughts as well. But the price was right on the receiver.
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    I would be surprised if the regular officer off the street would know the difference. TAC officers might.