New PETA Hire Notorious for Promoting Violence

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    New PETA Hire Notorious for Promoting Violence- (06/10)

    The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) added to its payroll an activist who has advocated arson and violence in the name of animal rights.

    Recently, PETA hired Gary Yourofsky to become the organization’s National Lecturer. According to an open letter from Yourofsky, PETA plans to have him tour the nation to lecture to educators and students. Yourofsky has told animal rights supporters, "Do not be afraid to condone arsons at places of animal torture." PETA intends to record one of his lectures and make it available for activists and educators.

    As founder of Animals Deserve Adequate Protection Today and Tomorrow (ADAPTT), Yourofsky picketed businesses, chained his neck to the axle of his car, was arrested at least 10 times and spent 77 days in a maximum security detention center - all in the name of animal rights.

    The Toledo Blade reported that the activist supports a large tattoo of himself wearing a hood and "displaying the symbols of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF)" – an organization known by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as one of the most active domestic terrorist organizations - on one of his arms.

    Yourofsky also noted that if an "animal abuser" were killed in the process of burning down a research lab, "I would unequivocally support that, too."

    PETA’s hiring of Yourofsky does not surprise the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance. He will be in the company of like-minded individuals including President Ingrid Newkirk and Vegan Campaign Coordinator Bruce Friedrich. Newkirk wishes "we all would get up and go into the labs and take the animals out or burn them down," and Friedrich thinks "it’s perfectly appropriate for people to take bricks and toss them through the windows, and…everything else along that line."

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    Peta people are nothing but misguided,ignorant terrorists who would put an animals life first before a human life! they make me wanna-:throwup:

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    I would support letting these terrorists chain themselves to the back axles of cars, say in the Daytona 500. Gentlemen, start your engines! :D
  4. The new law here makes any kind of animal abuse a felony! If a guy was to beat the snot out of his old lady, thats fine...its just a misdemeanor. Why is this? Can you train a dog better than a wife? Mmm, well maybe sometimes but anyway one thing that irritates the heck out of me is that there have been several cases lately that a reward has been offered for the arrest of an animal abuser that have reached $50,000. The reward for information on a double murder is only $15,000. Somethings not right.
  5. You know the good Lord put animals on this earth for our use not abuse. Aree with NRAJOE--animal life above human life--ludicrous.
    What's the price on a human life--not as much as a animals life--heaven forbid. Right on rtlesnkesbite.