NEW RCBS Powder Dispenser

Discussion in 'Reloading Equipment' started by LeftHandShooter, Jul 8, 2020.

  1. jerry

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    That thing had better make your breakfast and do the dishes!
    I’d rather spend that kind of money on components. Would keep running for a while.

    It’s cool thought

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  2. Mowgli T.

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    You could by how many Uniflow's for $900.00? Would it be ten Unflow's with change left over?How about a Dillon 550c with bells and whistles. That much money would buy a bunch of good reloading gear.
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  3. Told the wife I wanted one for Christmas.

    She said to keep on wanting.
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  4. BigEd63

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    I'll keep my RCBS /OHAUS 10-10 thanks.
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  5. Calling her wide, probably didn't help your cause
  6. Mowgli T.

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    A nine hundred dollar power measure: I had used a 10-10 and Dial-A-Grain for yours. One 10-10 had already gone south. I had used the Dial-A-Grain on and off for thirty years. The Guru's talk about weakening springs growing inaccuracy with time on that scale. I finally settled for the RCBS 2000 electronic scales. I do OK with trickler and Uniflow. My scales work OK but I needed a workable plan B. I did not need a nine hundred dollar powder measure.

    Added: Prayers for LeftHandShooter?
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    Mark, if you keep referring to her as "the wide" you might get more than you bargained for sir. :p:D:eek:
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    that sure explains some of the pic's he has posted...LOL.
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  9. HOLY MOLES! Glad she didn't see that!
  10. There I fixed it.

    Glad no one on here knows her!
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